Get out of the cities while you can — destruction has just begun


Neo-communists like Thomas-Kennedy who is running for city attorney in Seattle is pushing to destroy our entire justice system. She is pro-criminal and anti-police. Nothing she says in the clips below is truthful.

The police are not running around killing black people, which is easily provable. This candidate wants to abolish the police and prisons in Seattle. She is supported by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and criminals.

This is going on in all major cities, with George Soros money and funds from other neo-communist and anarchist donors.

Read more about the Seattle race on this link or here at My Northwest.




  1. Burn it all down by any means necessary.
    Useless idiot dullards are in for a rude shock when the new management makes the current situation look like the good ol’ days.
    Oh well, sometimes hard learned lessons are the only ones that stick.
    Here in Red State the capitol city is inching closer to CPUSA/CCP occupied territory with the fruity electric cars that no one uses and the scooters that cause accidents and injure the riders.
    During the last election in American history it was 3 to 1 in favor of DJT but the city was 100% Long Marcher fellow travelers.

    O/T-What if they want 100% “vax” rate because they intend to release the Black Death strain after that which the inbred Satanic (13 Bloodlines) and their minions will be immune to?

  2. The silver lining is that Democrat Communists have made other Democrats to poor to leave the Big Blue Cities. Democrats are too stupid to survive in Rural America; mostly because they won’t be able to keep their mouths shut! There’s a reason AntiFa and BLM won’t venture out into rural America – too many places to hide their bodies after the dogs maul them to death! Over in Alabama I saw a No Trespassing sign. The sign below it said, “I own a gun, a fire pit, and a wood chipper.” I think that pretty much covers it. Down in Louisiana you’re just fed to the Gators. Only a fool can believe that the Big Blue Cities will survive a RESET!

  3. A word of advice:
    If you are leaving a blue sheethole and heading for the safety of a strong red state, make sure that you leave your liberal BS politics behind or you will find yourself run out of town on a rail sooner than later.

  4. Maybe instead of leaving you buy some guns, ammo and explosives and stand your ground, that’s what Americans do, pussies run to another area or country.

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