Professor calls for discussion of a Peoples’ Party


by Gennady Shkliarevsky

Fellow patriots:

In the midst of every crisis, there are opportunities.  There has hardly been a moment in recent American history that would be as opportune for the creation of a new party than the one we experience today.  The two parties that run America today prove their total bankruptcy.  There is a growing realization that they have outlived themselves and have become totally ineffective.  They are internally divided, lack new ideas to address contemporary problems, and, most importantly, they are elitist and increasingly separated from common Americans.

The movement that emerged before the 2016 presidential elections was a response to the crisis of leadership in America.  Those who joined this movement had legitimate grievances.  They felt ignored and abandoned.  They felt that their views and opinions did not count, that they were excluded and disempowered.  That was the reason that led to the rise of Donald J. Trump who promised to end the domination of the elites and give power to the people.  We all know very well what followed in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

This is no place to criticize the Republican or the Democratic Party.  Despite their numerous differences, the do have something in common.  They both favor elite rule.  The recent developments in Washington amply confirm that.  The Democrats and the Republicans have turned on Donald Trump and demand his removal or worse.  However, Donald Trump is not their real target.  Their real target is 75 millions of “deplorables” who support him and who rose up to defend their dignity and freedom.

The issues that our country faces are very serious.  America can no longer afford elite rule.  We need a new party that will be universally inclusive and empowering and that would give the voice to millions of Americans who feel left out.

The following is an attempt to open a broad discussion of the creation of a new party.  The movement against elite rule already has several years of experience.  This experience allows one to draw some conclusions as to the principles that the members of this movement share and that can be laid down as the principles that will form the foundation of the new party.  Here they are:

  1. Universal inclusion and empowerment. Rejection of any form of elitism.
  2. Respect for individual rights and freedoms.
  3. Respect for the Constitution of the United States and love for our country.
  4. Respect for law and order. Commitment to orderly change in accordance with the law.
  5. Freedom of information and rejection of any attempts to use mass media for indoctrination, deception, and manipulation.
  6. Freedom of religion and religious pursuits. Respect for religious belief.
  7. Sanctity of life.
  8. Sanctity of the institution of family.
  9. Capitalism and market as the main form of economic activity.
  10. The right to bear arms.
  11. Education as self-empowerment, not indoctrination.

These principles are not cut in stone.  They are merely proposals for discussion.

We need to organize a broad discussion of the creation of a new party.  We also need to discuss the principles that will serve as the foundation of this party.  Groups are perhaps the best venue for such discussions.  The discussions should be open and inclusive.  Participants should not try to prove that they are right and their opponent is wrong.  They should all try to create a frame that is inclusive and includes all points of view, including one’s own, as its particular cases—that is, cases that are true and valid under specific circumstances or assumptions.  The participants should give their views on the above principles.  Also, they can change their formulation, eliminate any of them, or add new principles for consideration.

The results of the discussions should be directed to the provisional coordinating center that will try to produce a document that will include all positions represented by groups.  The coordinating center should include one representative nominated by the group as its representative.  Try to hold discussions in the group and nominate one representative for the group.  The representatives will create their own page where they will have their discussions.

As we go through this initial stage, we should also start thinking about further steps that we need to take to attain our goal:  the creation of the new party.

Although the new party recognizes the fundamental equality of all its members, the party must have its leaders.  I think that the mantle of leadership should go to DONALD J. TRUMP who has proven himself as a loyal patriot and a staunch defender of democratic principles of universal inclusion and empowerment.

Also, every party should have a name.  We should discuss what name we give to this new party.  As the first step in opening this discussion, my proposal for this party’s name is THE PEOPLE’S PARTY.

If you feel that the creation of a new party is a worthwhile effort, please indicate your support by sharing this post with your contacts and in groups.  Let me know which group is willing to be involved by sending me your vote and the name of the person who will represent the group.


Professor Gennady Shkliarevsky is Professor Emeritus of History at Bard College, New York

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