Tell the whole story! Police let protesters into the Capitol building


One of the tragedies of the riot at the Capitol building is that it was overwhelmingly a peaceful protest and that has been lost because a relatively small number of people acted like violent revolutionaries. The police guarding the building obviously didn’t expect it to become violent since some just opened the doors admitting the protesters.

Trump supporters have not become violent in the past.

There were hundreds of thousands at least, and likely closer to two million who attended. There were under a hundred who vandalized, hurt officers, and even stole items, such as Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Another few hundred were in the building not hurting officers or smashing windows. Some protesters are seen trying to stop the vandals.

As an aside, Pelosi is distraught over the loss of the laptop.

An Air Force veteran was shot and killed by a police officer and an officer was killed from injuries suffered during the melée. About 58 officers in total were hurt. That is awful, of that, there is no doubt. No one could be angrier with them than the peaceful protesters.

People who were violent need to be held to account and will be, but hopefully in accordance with the role they played.


While the media and the Democrats — those great uniters — excuse the Antifa and BLM who have torn our country apart for years, they’ve come down brutally on the rioters on Wednesday.

Although the media and Democrats call all riots by the Left ‘peaceful’ and ‘important,’ they are equally disdainful and hateful towards anyone on the Right, peaceful or not.

The protesters, even many of those who entered the Capitol, were peaceful.

Most did not damage the Capital, they did not spray paint graffiti, destroy statues, or set fires or attack anyone.

Some Capitol Police felt so comfortable with the crowd that they let them in, even holding open the doors for them.

A video by an OANN reporter shows police letting the protesters in. Police stood by as they let the protesters into the building. Some protesters were chanting, “f*cking traitors. (video below)

Another man wondered aloud if it might be some sort of trick, saying, “they’re gonna lock us in.”

One officer greeted the protesters saying, “I don’t agree with you but …”—you can make out him saying “respect” as the crowd clambers in.

At another door, officers with different rules of engagement were physically halting people as they tried to come into the complex.

Obviously, letting so many people, who were worked up, into the Capitol was a bad idea.


The media is only reporting the awful part of the story, but there is a much bigger story here.

Watch as officers let the protesters into the building:

In this clip, protesters are trying to stop a violent person. They think the person is Antifa, but we don’t know that to be the case.

Leftist John Sullivan was one of those arrested at the Capitol and he was next to Ashli Babbit when the officer killed her.


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

The police were surprised because peaceful reputation of the Trump rallies, but of course with 100K or more you would have to expect some ANTIFA infiltrators or even some Trump radicals get carried away.

1 year ago

I have always felt one of the biggest treats to our country is the Joseph Goebbels news outlets, CNN/MSNBC/NY TIMES/ WAPO/ now FOX is jumping on board, for 4 years they have lied their a$$ off about Trump and anything he has done for this country,

1 year ago

I read that Sullivan has been released, with no charges I believe.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
1 year ago

Downloading latest Wikileaks batch and will have to go to offline machine to uncompress.
This should be good.
Maybe even some stuff from San Fran Nan’s laptop will be there.
Only clueless dullards too stupid for the contest of liberty believe anything coming from the enemedia complex.
The CPUSA comrades really do believe that we are all as clueless as their Jonestown cult true believers.
The truth is out there. Figuratively and literally.