Professor Jonathan Turley Stunned by Devon Archer’s Testimony


Joe Biden has lost liberal Professor Jonathan Turley. He seems shocked after Devon Archer’s testimony.

“Quite frankly, the president has been lying, and he lied during the presidential campaign. He lied as president when he had his staff repeat that he had no knowledge, no interaction with these business dealings. That’s clearly false. I mean, these are accounts of almost two dozen calls made with these associates, some of whom are the most corrupt figures in Europe, where the vice president would call in.”

“That’s the point of influence peddling. When Archer says that he was there to sell the brand, the brand is influence peddling, and Joe Biden is the object of that influence peddling.”


“We’ve had millions and millions of dollars transferred through this labyrinth of accounts that seem really designed to hide these transfers to the Biden family. That’s the sort of apex of corruption. I mean, I’ve been a critic of influence peddling for decades. I’ve never seen anything like the Biden family.

“Now they’re going to come back and counter on, so just be fair to all parties involved that there’s nothing unusual here…what’s astonishing to me is for [Rep. Dan Goldman, a hack] to come out and say can we go away now? I mean, can we just call it a day? You just have the close friend of the president’s son saying that he was part of selling an influence-peddling brand.”


Neil Cavuto tamped down Biden’s guilt, but Professor Turley had none of it.

“Biden said we’re the best at this effectively, and you can see that in how this influence peddling scheme was developed. No money has to go directly to the president. There’s lots of ways to benefit the Biden family, but the one thing that we can’t do is just walk away. We have to find out the full story here. I think this is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington, and that says a lot.”


Rep. Dan Goldman, hack, tried to say there was nothing to see here. Incredible!

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