Professor says there are no impeachable offenses and McConnell won’t take it up


The Senate will take no action on House Democrats’ effort to re-impeach President Trump until after he is out of office — making next week’s possible vote on the question moot before it even begins.

Under a timeline issued Friday to Senate colleagues, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said any House resolution on the matter could not be transmitted to the upper chamber until Jan. 19.

Dr. Alan Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus of Harvard las School said, President Trump made a constitutionally protected speech and did not call for violence. He led a demonstration that was totally legal.

His conversation with the Georgia secretary of state was also legal. He just wanted Raffensperger to find lawful ballots.

President Trump, no matter what you think of him or what he did, it was legal, Dr. Dershowitz said on Newsmax today. He also said it’s not legal for Nancy Pelosi to invoke the 25th.

Speaker of the House Pelosi wants to continue the impeachment after President Trump leaves office.


The Washington Post reported that House impeachment managers can present their case that Trump incited a riot but under existing rules, debate and votes could not begin until 1 p.m. the next day after. That means the earliest possible moment for an impeachment vote one hour after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office at noon on Jan. 20.

“The Senate trial would therefore begin after President Trump’s term has expired,” McConnell wrote, according to the Washington Post.

With the 50-50 Senate still in Republican hands until Jan. 20, when Kamala Harris becomes vice president and gives the Democrats the majority, it would take a unanimous vote of all 100 senators to override McConnell’s calendar. That is a remote possibility.

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Patton's Pearl Handled Revolvers
Patton's Pearl Handled Revolvers
3 years ago

Did turkeyneck get a photo of that let them eat neckmeat graffiti and hear the pitchforks and torches on the wind?
GOP quislings and turncoats surely must know that their time at the taxpayer funded feeding trough is over after the betrayal of DJT.
The Big Steal was a bridge too far and the people have had enough of this only for the benefit of nomenklaturea apparatchiks kakistocracy clown shitshow.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Mitch is the chief GOP quisling and turncoat.