Progressive Democrats Are Turning the Lights Off In America


Progressives have decided to turn off the power in America, beginning with California and the Oval Office. They don’t care if everyone else disagrees. The Left plans to take you kicking and screaming into the literal Dark Ages.

Their fear of climate change is mostly the result of bad progressive policies and corrupt programs, not climate change. But the Left can’t see it.

California is the first to go. How goes California, so goes the nation, or at least the 17 nations stuck with reciprocal agreements. Seventeen states passed laws forcing them to abide by California’s rules and regulations in this regard.

Californians face rolling blackouts without any plan for storage, infrastructure, or disposal as they mindlessly rush into solar and wind power.

The state’s power suppliers didn’t keep up with power lines because they had to move rapidly to clean energy. The grid can’t handle the load. It has put the entire system under great stress.

Wind and solar only work when the wind is blowing, and the sun is shining. They can’t provide baseload power. The only hope for storage is lithium batteries, but there is not enough lithium or batteries to meet the demand.

Despite that, all new vehicles in the state must be electric by the next decade. Californians were just told not to charge their electric vehicles.

California has about 600,000 electric cars and they are putting too much of a strain on the existing power grid. How is California going to handle 38 million in the next decade? They aren’t and they don’t care.

The state does not have enough land for the solar and wind farms needed to convert the 38 million vehicles in the state to battery-powered cars. Environmentalists don’t want solar and wind anywhere it might endanger creatures.

The cleanest energy is nuclear, but the Left rejects it.

Under Biden, the entire country is heading for the new dark ages.

The US will end up like Europe because of bad science and corrupt politicians who no longer care what the people want.

Democrats are under a spell of bad science, feckless economics, and radical social choices, but they’re in power.

Kamala Harris laughed with her usual cackle at further destruction with the signing of the Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act. It includes a big payoff to climate radicals. Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta gets to spend $370 billion on the climate. Expect regulations that will kill fossil fuels. It will be the darkest of ages.


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8 months ago

We still hear Democrats talking about Windmills and Solar after all the damage they haves done in America. In Europem Germans are tying to get their Coal Plants back up and operational. In France they are putting old Nuclear Plants back on line and now have OKed the building of over a dozen new Nuclear Plants.

Here in America we should be going all in on Energy. Fire up the Natural Gas Plants and drill baby drill. Then build 25 new Nuclear Plants every year for at least the next 20 years. That is what we need to produce enough energy to bring back Manufacturing and good Middle Class jobs to America.

SCREW the Democrats and the Bureaucrats! We need to get the Morons and Snake Oil Salesmen out of Government.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 months ago

This is a deliberate takedown which we have had warnings about a long time. Plans to do this have evolved for 50 years. The messengers, such as Alex Jones, are still called kooks. Remember the people at airports with signs “nuclear power is safer than Ted Kennedy’s car”. They also claimed the elites were going to shut us down.

In the political realm in the USA, the democrats are the implementors of the plan, but they are only the mechanism by which the elites are doing this. The democrats are corrupt, bought, anti-freedom leftists who value their own power over anything else.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

The ‘climate change’ thing is all bogus and they know it. The democrat party’s intentions is to create as much chaos, mayhem, confusion, and outrage as possible as part of their scheme to incite extreme violence as they’ve been doing for the past 2+ years, aside from their typical and usual over decades. Their goals are to engage miltary force and marshal law to further herd Americans into sinister democrat policies and “containment” farms and camps. They could care less about climate change or anything else for that matter except for satisfying their sick greed and warped grasping for power and control. They also know damn well that Donald Trump and any other decent American leadership will stand boldly in the way of democrats’ historic malicious and secretive exploits which benefits only themselves. The democrat party and their deep-state lowlifes are built on tyranny, racism, enslavement, and the very-evil cruel abuses of human beings.

Last edited 8 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

We are not dealing with Liberals anymore. We are dealing with Deep State Bureaucrats who are little more than Puppets as are the entrenched Politicians and the White House. The Puppet Masters are the Super Rich and a handful of Political operatives who have taken control of Governments to enrich themselves. We are not talking about a lot of people at the controls, just a lot of people, Congressmen and Bureaucrats, who have no balls to do what’s in their best interest or The People’s best interest. We may have to get out the tar and feathers to help them see the light.

We need to stop putting People with Degrees in Advanced Lunch, i.e.Lawyers and Academics, into Congress and the Bureaucracy and replace them with Businessmen, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Engineers. There are no Ben Franklin’s in Washington, D.C. today. Our Founding Fathers were not only educated, they were smart too! They were anything but sheep.

The Country is in a mess because of Political Science (Law is not a Science Degree) which is contrary to fundamental natural scientific knowledge.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
8 months ago

The people of left are not stupid. Don’t be fooled! They are very smart, selfish, amoral and manipulative. But they lack the ability to be totally logical and rational. They can’t see why their arguments don’t work, so they keep chopping and changing. But never doubt their hubris.
Example: Despite all the evidence for a creation by a super intelligent and powerful being (Doubt it? go to their ideology demands there cannot be a god, so they cling to a discredited theory of evolution with them being the most highly evolved and worthy world leaders.
Example: the great debates (often held on university campuses) half a century ago over creation vs evolution. They lost so badly every time that their big egos could not take the constant losing. Answer? Refuse to further debates and mock their opponents. (Can you see a pattern they still use today?)
These “superior beings” want to be your masters and control everything about you including what you want to think.
If you are really intelligent, you will vote in November. You will vote for more power for America, rather than giving Democrats to turn off the lights (including the light of truth.
Rember to support M. DOWLING and this very valuable site.