Project Veritas Shuts Down and Then Sues James O’Keefe


Project Veritas is out of money and shutting down operations indefinitely.

The organization, founded by James O’Keefe, shuttered operations after another round of layoffs this week, Mediaite reported.

In a letter titled “Reduction in Force” sent to staffers on Wednesday, HR director Jennifer Kiyak wrote that “in the interest of preserving the possible future existence of Project Veritas, we need to put operations on pause and, as communicated since the Spring, another Reduction in Force (“RIF”) is necessary.”

They laid off six workers last week and have 11 left, including CEO Hannah Giles. O’Keefe founded the company in 2010 and was forced out in February with Board members claiming he spent too much.

Project Veritas later sued O’Keefe for creating a troubling workplace and spending too much of the donor funds.

Giles told the staff this month the company was bankrupt.

The lead investigator, Bobby Harr, was laid off during medical leave and then laid off again last week, leaving him very confused. Harr blamed the lack of funding, poor management, and damage by O’Keefe for the shutdown.

Former chief investigative journalist Christian Hartsock, who was laid off in August, told Mediaite that he has “no idea what ‘operations’ there are to suspend” after production and journalism staff were laid off over a month ago.”

Giles claimed Project Veritas is continuing to operate.

O’Keefe’s lawyer blamed the investigation on “disgruntled former employees of Project Veritas who had a problem with their CEO using too many car services to pay for fundraising efforts which paid their salaries.”

When James O’Keefe left Project Veritas, $6 to $8 million was on hand. They spent it and have raised almost no money since O’Keefe’s departure. They now want an injunction to shut O’Keefe and his company, OMG, down. This is a day after they shut down.

They tried to serve him.

Remember this? Project Veritas wanted to go anti-Trump.

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