Protected US Hezbollah Op Might Tie Into FBI’s Bruce Ohr, Imran Awan


It was revealed this past week that the Obama administration allowed the Hezbollah drug operation in the U.S. to continue at the same time the nuclear deal was being made because the President didn’t want anything to interfere with the nuclear deal, bad as it is.  We learned Wednesday that the Fusion-tied and demoted Bruce Ohr was tied to that operation. Also connected is Imran Awan, the suspected spy now jailed only for fraud.

Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs revealed Wednesday that Bruce Ohr led the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces while the Obama administration protected Hezbollah drug dealers in the U.S. as part of his effort to mollify Iran. The reason for that is believed to have been to protect the Iran deal. Also tied to Hezbollah at the same time — Imran Awan.

Bruce Ohr is the man who visited Fusion GPS and met with Glenn Simpson during the 2016 election campaign and after the election. His wife, Nellie Ohr was hired during the campaign to work with Fusion GPS on the Trump “investigation” and she is a Russia expert.

Also at the same time Imran Awan might have been laundering money for Hezbollah and he does have ties to the terror organization. The ties are discussed in some depth on The Daily Caller in an article by Luke Rosiak published Wednesday, titled House IT Aides Ran Suspicious Used Car Dealership with Markings of a Nefarious Money Laundering Operation. Furthermore, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz knew about her aide Imran Awan’s ties to Hezbollah.

Rep. Matt Gaetz told Dobbs after the report that he wants the hearings made public because the public deserves to know and the FBI shouldn’t be allowed to hide what they’ve been doing. The representative doesn’t know if the Russia-Trump collusion story was concocted to cover up FBI misdeeds and it could have been.
It’s so sad because so many just need a helping hand.

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4 years ago

This timeline is entirely too obvious to be coincidental.

April: Mary Jacoby, wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, visits the White House(according to White House visitor logs) . The Clinton Campaign and DNC then hire Fusion GPS to conduct ‘Opposition Research’, with a Russian emphasis. Fusion GPS then hires Nellie Ohr who specializes in Russian-centric counterintelligence. Nellie Ohr then contacts MI6 agent Christopher Steele to write a Russian Dossier. A month later, May 2016: Nellie Ohr’s husband inside the DOJ, Bruce Ohr, is then working with FBI counterintelligence head Peter Strzok…………..the website called the The Last Refuge has some of the best coverage of this FBI/DOJ crap

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
4 years ago

We need an Attorney General who will do the right things, give up that evidence that implicates top democrats to sedition as traitors. Sessions has the power to tell the Department of Justice AND THE FBI to give up the information/facts which implicate the FBI in traitorous and criminal acts.