Psaki: WH ‘not going to let terrorists grow or prosper’ [except for the weapons, hostages, and cash]


Our commitment to the people left behind is enduring.


“this is exactly what government is supposed to do” They have no regrets.

~Jen Psaki [not joking]


We need Jen Psaki like Custer needed the Sioux. We learn nothing and she lies.

During the White House press conference today, Jen Psaki bragged about the more than 120,000 mostly anonymous, unvetted Afghans, who do not share our values, and 6,000 Americans who were saved and are coming to the US. Again she repeated the line about Americans not wanting to leave.

Asked by NBC whether America is safer than before the Taliban took back control of Afghanistan, Psaki avoided answering the question. She reiterated the line that the US will remain vigilant against terrorism.

Psaki said the White House can’t guarantee all Americans will get to leave who want to leave. They don’t even know how many there are. But, amazingly, they found an anonymous “ISIS-K planner” or “supporter” in the middle of nowhere and droned him and his driver. Then they found a family of US supporters (an interpreter, his wife, 7 young children, and an Afghan army commander who was going to be married today) and droned them too. They won’t tell us how that happened and it smells like a cover-up, but Psaki said she can’t speak to it.

Biden ‘not going to let terrorists grow or proper in Afghanistan’ as they’ve shown [except for the weapons, hostages, cash, and notoreity.]

Watch the clips as she tries to defend the indefensible:

Dead American service members do not diminish the ‘progress’ they’ve made evacuating, according to the flimflam spokesperson. She’s not empathetic.

She wouldn’t tell the truth about the family the US droned by mistake.

This is funny. She says the White House won’t allow terrorists to grow in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, they won’t make a move without Taliban’s permission.

They didn’t always have the option to leave without the $83 billion in weapons and equipment. Okay then.

She claimed she didn’t see The Washington Post report about the Taliban offering to let US military control Kabul.

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