Psaki’s reaction to the Patriot Act question is deeply troubling


Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be targeting moms and dads who voice their objections to the Marxist-based curriculum spreading throughout school districts throughout the United States. They are also concerned about the damaging mask requirements.

The teachers’ union wants them silenced.

HGarland appears to be responding to complaints from the Nationals School Boards association letter requesting the federal government become involved. The NSBA, under the influence of radical teachers’ unions, wants to infiltrate the curriculum with CRT and the 1619 Project no matter what the parents think.

The NSBA characterized the “threats” as a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” They also appealed to Biden to employ things like the PATRIOT Act in the response.

Fox’s Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the questionable aspects of that request.

Her response was troubling as she did not discount it. We currently have hundreds of people in prison for “parading” in the Capitol on J6.

Watch her respond. It’s not encouraging.

The DoJ is weaponized under this Attorney General. If you’ll remember, in February of this year, he distinguished between the violent anarcho-communists and the J6 rioters/paraders by saying the latter was worse because they were going after the democratic process. Absurd! Apparently, going after ICE and other federal officers, Antifa’s and BLM’s favorite targets, is a no-never mind. What utter nonsense.

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