Putin Warns of “Fatal Consequences” and Our Borders Are Open


NATO has repeatedly crossed Putin’s red lines, but they may finally have crossed the last one. NATO pushed past another red line, and it’s very serious. This is while our borders are wide open. These people in power hate us. Democrats will die, too.

Vladimir Putin warned the West to stop using Western-made weapons for the first time after Ukraine struck its advanced warning radar network with US weapons. It is now heating up, and he’s warning of “fatal consequences.”

We are doing this while our borders are wide open. Maybe Democrats are trying to depopulate the US and the world after all.


Ukraine is believed to have struck an S-300 or S-400 air defense system using the US-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

Vladimir Putin warned the West to stop using Western-made weapons for the first time after Ukraine struck the radar.

Russian military blogger Evgeniy Poddubny said: ‘The enemy has begun using Western-made weapon systems to attack “old” Russian territory.’

Then, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned against the ongoing use of Western weapons.

“I would like to warn American leaders against miscalculations that could have fatal consequences. For unknown reasons, they underestimate the seriousness of the rebuff they may receive,” state news agency RIA quoted Ryabkov as saying.

Putin said last week that NATO countries were playing with fire and risked a deeper global conflict.

“I urge these figures (in the US)… to spend some of their time, which they apparently spend on some kind of video games, judging by the lightness of their approach, on studying what was said in detail by Putin,” Ryabkov said.

The US faces lots of 9/11s.

Leo Hohman writes:

I would say that before this first strike on Russia can happen, the warmongers in the West need to provoke some type of major attack on a NATO country from Russia, so they can make it look like Russia deserves what it has coming. Putin has thus far shown himself to be highly restrained and avoided stepping into the traps the West has laid for him. But at some point, he will almost certainly have to respond to the constant escalations, the biggest and most outrageous of which has Ukraine using Western-supplied weapons to strike deep inside Russia and take out the country’s most critical defensive infrastructure.

It’s interesting how little is being reported about the upcoming war between NATO and Russia and how NATO is attacking Russia’s missile defense systems, which play no role in the Ukraine war.

The Biden administration could start World War III before the November election, and our media doesn’t think it’s important enough to report adequately.

Did I mention our borders are wide open, and single adult men from enemy nations are pouring in???

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