Biden Presents His Craptabulous Pre-Election EO on the Border


The fact sheet covering Biden’s executive order (EO) on the border is online. It has more holes than Swiss cheese and is nothing more than theater. The administration is blaming Republicans for the mass invasion at the border by deceitfully claiming the $95 billion Lankford-Schumer bill had everything conservatives were asking for. At best, it was a Trojan Horse; at worst, it enshrined immigration of 5,000 illegals daily into law.

The Lankford-Schumer bill runs all through the fact sheet, but it has become the Lankford bill. Never underestimate the ability of some Republicans to shoot themselves in the foot.

The EO does nothing about the people they’re flying in or who overstay their visas.

The Fact Sheet demands congressional action, which Schumer has called amnesty and a path to citizenship.

The exceptions are ridiculous.
Cross illegally and  no asylum

noncitizens who cross the southern border unlawfully or without authorization will generally be ineligible for asylum, absent exceptionally compelling circumstances and unless they are excepted by the Proclamation.

Except if you have a credible fear

Second, noncitizens who cross the southern border and are processed for expedited removal while the limitation is in effect will only be referred for a credible fear screening with an Asylum Officer if they manifest or express a fear of return to their country or country of removal, a fear of persecution or torture, or an intention to apply for asylum.

More exceptions
  • faced an acute medical emergency;
  • faced an imminent and extreme threat to life or safety, such as an imminent threat of rape, kidnapping, torture, or murder; or
  • satisfied the definition of “victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons” currently provided in 8 CFR 214.11.

Sentinel is sticking with its original opinion, which I posted earlier.  None of this will happen. Biden’s not planning to do any of this. His progressive allies will sue and hold it up for months, long enough to get us to the election.

No sooner did I post the article this morning when I read on Axios that the ACLU is planning to sue Biden! Can’t you just picture the Biden team calling the ACLU and planning this whole fiasco?


The American Civil Liberties Union announced plans to sue the White House over President Biden’s new executive order that would close off access to asylum when border numbers surge.

Why it matters: The organization signaled its plans to sue even before Biden signed the order, demonstrating how fierce opposition to the move will be.

      • “We intend to sue. A ban on asylum is illegal just as it was when Trump unsuccessfully tried it,” Lee Gelernt, who successfully argued a similar challenge under former President Trump, told Axios.

Biden said he is prepared for legal challenges. In five months, we have an election. This entire EO will time out.

Then, while the lawsuits hit the courts, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer will blame Republicans for not passing that Lankford bill, which allegedly had everything Republicans wanted. That bill allowed a permanent 5,000 illegal aliens to come in per day minimum.  It meant hiring agents and attorneys to process illegal aliens faster. The abuse of parole would have continued and more.

So, read the Fact Sheet, listen to what Democrats say, and see what you think.

Democrats are getting a lot of mileage out of this lie:

On his first day as president, Biden opened the borders and demanded amnesty for millions.

As one X poster wrote:

Biden enters office.
Biden reverses Trump’s border orders ASAP.
The border quickly goes to shit.
House Republicans pass clean legislation to secure the border, HR2.
Schumer sits on HR2.
The border is still going to shit.
Senate then legislates the ‘Border Act’ that doesn’t really secure the border, so it goes nowhere.
Biden and Democrats blame Trump for the ‘Border Act’ going nowhere.
The border continues going to shit.
Biden’s approval continues to tank.
Biden finally passes lame EO ‘securing’ border, hoping Americans will be dumb enough to think he did something.
Biden blames Trump for the mess at the border.
Biden quietly craps himself, leaving the presser.

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