Racist Eric Holder Blasts Trump for His Skin Color in Divisive Interview


Eric Holder wants to be president in 2020 and he wants to do it in part by fomenting racial hate.

Holder said “he is glad to be unshackled from his old job because employment with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee lets him lash out at Republicans like “orange man” President Trump”, The Washington Times reported.

Imagine if we used some epithet to describe his skin color?

The former attorney general was traveling with Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam who is running for governor of Virginia when he gave an interview at Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond.

After falsely claiming Trump empowers “neo-Nazis and white nationalists”, he called himself the defender of the Obama legacy.

“You don’t do politics when you’re attorney general, but as a private citizen and as a defender of the Obama legacy, I’m free to say what I want and to say it in the way that I’d like to,” Holder told the website for an “Off Message” podcast titled “Eric Holder Is Tired of Being Polite.”

“I probably would not have [attacked Republicans like] that while I was attorney general,” he continued. “I didn’t have an orange man who I was serving under, but, I mean, I would not have said that about a former president, for instance, while I was attorney general. But now, I’m just a citizen and I’ve got the full range of my voice back.”

The leftist, divisive Holder said he does what he does because “debts have to be repaid.”

“We need to send Donald Trump a message,” Holder said, Politico reported. “You’re telling Donald Trump that’s not the America I want. We want the America of Barack Obama.”

Mr. Trump has given a “license” to a portion of the electorate to act in culturally poisonous ways,” he continued.

There is no Obama legacy. It’s a fallacy. His only intent was to turn the United States into a Socialist state. Legacy has nothing to do with it. Holder is just another racist leftist with the moral underpinnings of a Lenin or a Marx.

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