Radical NY Democrats Take an Enormous Step to Eliminate Gas


A bill gaining traction in Albany called the New York HEAT Act hysterically claims that swift action on gas is needed because of the pressures of climate change—the authors and proponents of the Act plan to pack it into the state budget. The deadline to finalize the budget is April 1, reports the NY Times.

The radical bill, the NY-HEAT Act (New York Home Affordable Transition Act), seeks to limit a requirement known as the “obligation to serve,” where utilities automatically provide gas to new customers who request it. It also curbs gas infrastructure expansion.

Radical politicians claim there will be savings, but New Yorkers will never see them due to the cost of transitioning and adapting to alternative energy, which isn’t ready for primetime.

Currently, gas companies must provide free hookups to new customers within 100 feet of the pipe system, and existing customers subsidize the work, reports the Times.

The broad aim of the bill is to accelerate a shift away from natural gas and limit the emissions from gas.

Current law supports natural gas, and the radicals want to eliminate it.

The Climate Act, signed into law in 2019, requires New York to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050, which is in line with the United Nations’ sustainable goals. New York HEAT would facilitate this.


Democrats think they’re in a race against time and are following the guidelines of the Dictator’s Club and advisors like the World Economic Forum.

If you remove service to a neighborhood, you’re inevitably going to impact service in surrounding areas because it’s an interconnected energy system,” said Randy Rucinski, chief regulatory counsel for National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation, which provides energy in western New York.

Critics know the proposal will cost jobs in the gas industry without offsetting the losses in the emerging energy sector.

Alternative energy should be “readily available and affordable across the state before proposals like the NY_HEAT Act are considered, said Mario Cilento, president of the New York State AFL–CIO.

Not only that, the bill will cap energy bills for customers. They will turn off the lights and heat for you and force you to get the most energy-efficient lightbulbs and refrigerators, whether you can afford them or not or just do not have power.

Totalitarian Democrat Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy said the autopilot of gas hookups must stop. So she’s deciding for everyone in New York. You may no longer have gas, or at least you won’t get it easily. She wants to force neighborhoods to move to renewable energy sources, whether they are available or work well or not. By not having gas available, the goal is for people to go running to it even if it isn’t there, too costly or doesn’t work.

It becomes law if it doesn’t become part of the budget. We live in a one-party state in New York, and everyone in power does the most radical thing they possibly can think of to do. Republicans don’t have the power to stop the communists.


New Yorkers had better look at this act or risk freezing to death. Even if you hate Republicans, cutting off our natural gas is a bit much, isn’t it?

The Democrat HEAT Act is an idea that limits consumer choice, increases cost, and threatens the reliability and efficiency of an essential service that you use every single day.

Extremist Democrats Rachel May, Samra Brouk, and Jeremy Cooney are behind New York HEAT. It’s their plan to abruptly cancel the natural gas service that most New Yorkers rely on to heat and power homes and businesses.

It immediately cancels natural gas across huge swaths of the state, stops new gas hookups, and will force New Yorkers to install expensive new heating and cooking systems as gas service is reduced. It requires massive new and immediate investment in energy infrastructure that will drive up rates.

And, by removing another dependable fuel source, NY-HEAT puts our energy grid at risk.

Democrats’ radical energy policies, like New York HEAT, the All Electric Buildings law, and higher taxes on energy producers, are adding to the already sky-high cost of living and working in New York. They put our future at risk and deprive our families and communities of opportunities to grow and succeed.

Beware, people of other states, this will come to haunt you in the near future.

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