Radical Progressives March for Hamas Killers in Grand Central


On Friday, hundreds of the radical progressives occupied Grand Central station wearing their “Ceasefire Now” T-shirts. They couldn’t care less about the genocidal assault on Israel or Hamas’s threats to America.

The Progressives, who were marching on Wall Street earlier this week, claim that resistance is justified when people are occupied and when Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

The reality is that Hamas shot Palestinians in the back as they were trying to leave Gaza. They’ve also blocked roads. They want dead civilians for their propaganda.

Two weeks after the horrific attack on Israel, these people are marching for the killers; they’re Nazis.

Israel is going to use bunker-buster bombs to destroy tunnels and the caves where Hamas hides out. They have to turn off the power to flush them out of the tunnels.

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