Radicals Might Be Marking Jewish Homes and Businesses


I often wondered how all the people of Germany could become Nazis and support the inhuman acts they committed. I think we know now how it happened.

We’re living through it again with radical and hateful people who have taken over a political party in the United States. With immeasurable support from a media controlled by six companies, we’re heading for a nearly 100-year war that will create horrendous devastation.

People who use the Jews as the target of their wrath will find that radicals don’t stop with the Jews.

This time, we won’t have a strong, moral America, but we will have nuclear weapons that can destroy the world.

This has to be stopped now. People must wake up and stop this. Speak out.

I heard Curtis Sliwa this morning telling Jews to embrace the support of Christians. They are firmly on their side.

Jewish Homes

Hamas supporters might be marking the houses and businesses of Jewish people. This is under investigation, and we can’t say who is doing this or why. It could be residents, Hamas supporters, or photoshopped pictures, but the hate is this extreme.

The hate is spreading thanks to massive immigration without assimilation and homebred communists and fascists.

When you hear the bongo drums, you know antifa and Black Lives Matter can’t be far behind. They always had the bongos in the sixties and seventies when the radicals protested or tried to blow up buildings.  You could hear the bongos when the dangerous radicals marched around the homes of the Justices. It’s a dead giveaway.

A lot of this insanity is seeded in the colleges with Marxist professors. One Stanford lecturer allegedly criticized Jewish students following the attacks, calling them “colonizers” and downplaying the number of Jews who died during the Holocaust, according to the Chronicle.

The colonizer issue is a scam.

Jewish students were told to take their belongings and stand in a corner. The Professor was suspended, but there are many instances of harassment of Jewish students. It’s always the Marxists or radicals who came over our open borders.

it might be the Jews now, but it will be you tomorrow.
Check out Assistant Professor Nina Farnia, another despicable person:

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1 month ago

When I saw Putin and Russia fight obvious Nazis I gave the benefit of the doubt. All those who were online in support, for the most part, seemed to be rather objective when it came to the ‘Jewish State’, Until this war broke out. Boy did they come out with their true colors. Literally all of them sounded no different than Hamas. It seems Russia has returned to “their roots” of the late 1800’s and the pogroms perpetrated by their civilians. The atrocities then were similar to the past week. When Putin castigated the Soviet Union I couldn’t help thinking it also included the affliction on Jews and maybe history had finally changed. Well, his response to the Hamas situation has shown a return to the same thinking during those Russian pogroms. Fool me once….