Rats plague diners eating outdoors in New York City


In addition to Bill de Blasio, there are a lot of rats running around New York City, only they’re the furry kind. Since diners were forced onto sidewalks to dine, rats are plaguing the diners in exclusive Soho, NBC local reports.

Indoor dining has been put off indefinitely and restaurant owners are forced to rely on takeout and outdoor dining. There are rats aplenty unfortunately who also want to eat.

Father Fagan Park, which is near a number of businesses and restaurants, is small and inviting to skateboarders and people who want to relax outdoors, but it’s also attracting huge rats.  Then the rats go to the restaurants and other businesses.

There is only one garbage can in the park so people just throw their garbage wherever. And sanitation under communist mayor Bill de Blasio is what you’d expect from an incompetent.

“Last night, a customer had a baby rat running on his shoe and I let you just imagine his reaction.”

One parkgoer said he had seen a number of rats go from one spot to another as he sat on the park bench.

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