Privileged Woke White Women Volunteers Needed in Minority Communities


Privileged Woke White Women Volunteers Needed in Minority Communities

by Frank Salvatore

Privileged woke, white women, many of them college-educated, seem to be a driving force in the Black Lives Matter movement.  Many of the more excitable ones can be seen screaming foul things into the faces of law enforcement men and women, who happen to be minorities.

Others carry signs and chant slogans that demean police, rail against “white supremacy” or decry systemic racism.  We’ve found one of the simplest ways to silence these ladies is to ask a very simple question.  “After you leave here, what specific work will you be doing to improve lives in minority communities?”

Most often, our query is met with a look of bewilderment.  And it’s not as if some of the gals with whom we’ve spoken aren’t sincere in their wanting “to do something”.  It’s just they figure chanting when told and carrying placards is all they need to do to check the moral superiority box on race relations.

But for those who think they may have the courage to leave their comfort zone, here are three options available.  Be warned they all involve some form of volunteerism, and could mean actually working with black and brown people, in their own neighborhoods.

Offer to work in a soup kitchen.  With urban churches finally beginning to reopen, there will be a need for people to help supply food and serve those who’ve disproportionately suffered during the pandemic.

Create literacy programs for disadvantaged children.  A basic goal here would be to help students to achieve a functional literacy level.   That’s basically defined as reading and writing well enough to function in the particular community in which they live.  We found that meant getting a child to read and write on a 4th-grade level.  This offered kids an opportunity to read for enjoyment, which dramatically increased their literacy skill sets. Multiple hands-on materials complete with instructions, geared to students of all ages, are available, and easily accessible for many of the well-off white, female protesters.  Ladies don’t let the “hands-on” aspect of this particular volunteerism scare you.  The in-person connection can be highly productive for all.

Bring a foster child into your home.  The Chinese virus has hit foster care very, very hard.  With pandemic fears driving down both placements and adoptions, vulnerable children will be left in unstable and even dangerous environments. Don’t let living at home with Mom and Dad discourage you.  They’re likely fine with your activism and should be happy to offer support by bringing an at-risk minority child into their home.  If they seem a little shaky offer your own room. If all goes well, consider adopting that youngster.  Now that’s a way you can “make a difference”, without even leaving your house.

Any one of these three choices is available to the vast numbers of privileged woke white women, claiming Black Live Matter.  Our challenge is for them to show their sincerity, by volunteering to be part of at least one of the options cited above.

We’ll tell you the rewards can be extraordinary on lots of levels.  Put down your signs, and go find out.

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Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
2 years ago

Don’t hold your breath waiting for these conceited, ignorant, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing LITTLE COLLEGE GIRLS to do anything more than virtue signal to the Communist professors who RAPED THEIR MINDS in the fetid, Hate-America cesspools we call “Academia.”

J Smith
J Smith
2 years ago

Let’s make America great Again with the original Trump 2020 Shirt!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

They won’t do any of this, they’re today’s version of the “limousine liberal” who goes into the minority neighborhoods, acts indignant about their situation, stirs excrement then goes home to the other side of the tracks and feels good about themselves for caring.