Real Hispanic Texan Tells Beto ‘Don’t Come Back’ & ‘You Ain’t Taking My Guns’


Gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka fake Hispanic Beto, still wants to take our guns. He told Dana Bash on State of the Union that an AR-15 is a battlefield rifle which is not true. As for the AK-47, it’s already banned. Beto knows nothing.

“We should not allow our fellow Americans to own and use weapons that were originally designed for battlefield use that AR-15, that AK-47 has one single solitary purpose and that is killing people as effectively, as efficiently and great a number in as little time as possible.”

Then along came a real Hispanic Texan. He’s great–very based.

One great Texan confronted Beto at an appearance and told him “On behalf of the ranchers, oil and gas, the farmers . . . I’m in your grill telling you, don’t come back. We don’t want you here.” As he was being hustled away by security, he yelled, “You ain’t taking my guns, either!”

You will love this — it’s a lot of fun, watch:


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