Waukesha Scanner with Potentially Explosive Information


Information from the Waukesha scanner

You can listen to the Waukesha police scanner on this link.

Ian Miles Cheong claimed that there were two other suspects — black males — and at least two were “confirmed dead” so far.

A witness, a black man, said it was a black man:

Allegedly, a Darrell Brooks’ ID was in the Escape:

NY Post reporter confirms he is the person in custody. He has a record:

These people didn’t have a chance:

The person drove into the children in a Pom Pom ensemble:



  1. Joe Biden has blood on his hands

    when he said he was ANGRY that Kyle Rittenhouse was aquitted, he emboldened and pretty much gave the ok for crazy people to get revenge on white people.

    The media also have blood on their hand; every time they say white people are awful and evil they are pretty much telling their audience `go and attack and kill whites !

    • Could be. Kenosha is only 23 miles from Waukesha. And what about all the people killed by illegals that they don’t report.

  2. If it bleeds it leads and the enemedia comrades are giddy tonight.
    High fiving in corporate HQ and ready to call the drivers/killers heroes.
    The clinking champagne glasses and boisterous cheers can be heard at ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS.
    I avoid the social media sewer pipe but I’m sure that the Long March comrades are ecstatic.
    Just in time for the Thanksgiving-Christmas season and the burn it all down comrades hope people are chock full of fear.

  3. Breaking-33 minutes ago-The DOJ-CRS (Community Relations Service) is taking over in order to figure out the narrative.
    No press from the Waukesha police until 1300hrs (1PM) tomorrow.


  4. And then Waukesha will read DOJ provided scripts. The feds have no jurisdiction until the USA became a DOJ police state.

    Cars were not blocked from entering the parade?

  5. According to the DoJ and FBI it’s the 75,000,000 Trump Voters and the millions of parents with children who challenge school boards that are the problem. Let’s get this straight. The Government has been taken over by Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are about as racist as you can get. They are doing all they can to empower the crazy AntiFa/BLM radicals to create a race war so they can bring about Martial Law and do away with Black People and some Brown People along with the Elderly and Sick. The Enemy of the People is the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser Deep State; un-elected and untouchable Bureaucrats. The Deep State is Setting the Stage for this unrest. There was nothing racial about Kenosha, but the Deep State and the Media have half the Country believing that it was a race issue and White People need to pay for the Guilt of a individual Acquitted in a Court of Law; in other words, we need to replace the Rule of Law in America with Democratic Mob Justice. This is why Democracy is so dangerous and was rejected by the Founding Fathers for the Constitutional Republic. The Federal Government has no reason to be involved in this Local Matter!

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