When They Realized, the Entire Plane Cried


The cost of war to each family who loses a loved one is incalculable. For the past eight years, the lack of a plan or a willingness to hold the ground already won, has cost us dearly. Our courageous men and women in the military are willing to take on this terrible fight.

This is the cost to one family.

US Special Forces Green Beret WO1 Shawn Thomas of 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group died February 2 while conducting advising operations to counter Boko Haram in Niger.

This is the video on youtube of the angel flight for the downed Green Beret. When the people on the plane realized they were carrying a Green Beret, the entire plane cried.

What the video doesn’t show is all that was lost. The little girl will never know her father.

Thank you for your service US Special Forces Green Beret WO1 Shawn Thomas.

US Special Forces Green Beret WO1 Shawn Thomas

And when someone does this to the U.S. flag, tell them about Shawn Thomas and his family and all the men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for the threats in this world that seek to destroy us.

92 year old Veteran’s flags are burned. He served when he was just 18 years old.

Read that story at Popular Military

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Sean Alam
Sean Alam
7 years ago

Don’t worry, the US will throw his body in a landfill somewhere ; what more do you expect for peasant pirates who pillage the indigenous on promises from bankers / a paycheck / money … how are they anything more or different than mason-created mafia? There is no more mercy, tolerance, compassion or forgiveness for pirates ; they’ll get as they deserve all around the world … it’s called “karma” 😛