Receipts of Direct Payments from CCP to the Bidens Released


Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) released receipts that prove Hunter and James Biden received payments from Chinese communist oligarchs to give the Maoist nation in-roads into US energy companies. Additionally, they exposed “the extent to which President Biden might be – and most certainly is – compromised.”

Remember, Joe Biden is ‘The Big Guy’ and Hunter complained he got his 10%.

There is no way Joe Biden should be allowed to serve as President under these conditions.

The senators obtained documents showing that energy company CEFC, “an arm of the Chinese Government,” paid Wells Fargo Clearing Services $100,000 and designated “further credit to Owasco,” Hunter’s firm.

“There’s no middle man in this transaction. This is $100,000 from what is effectively an arm of the communist Chinese government direct to Hunter Biden,” Grassley said on the Senate floor on Monday.

They have receipts accounting for millions of dollars.


Grassley asked, “To the liberal media and my Democratic colleagues: Is this official bank document Russian disinformation?”

Sen. Grassley proved the Democrat talking points labeling Republican investigations fraudulent are lies. The Senators produced new records showing the connections between the Biden family and the Chinese communist regime.

Keep in mind that everything Biden and his regime do helps China, including the recent sanctions against Russia.

Sen. Grassley reviewed the previous work by him and Sen. Johnson showing extensive ties between Hunter and James Biden and Chinese nationals who are deep into the Chinese military and security, including Gongwen Dong and Mervyn Yan.

Hunter has also admitted to representing CCP “spy chief” Patrick Ho. Ho is now missing as Hunter has said.

The senators hold documents proving the connections.


“Hunter Biden and James Biden served as the perfect vehicle by which the communist Chinese government could gain in-roads here in the United States through CEFC and its affiliates,” Grassley explained.

Hunter and James Biden were vehicles to help the CCP “gain in-roads here in the United States through CEFC and its affiliates.”

The in-roads advanced the CCP into the global and US energy sector.

Hunter and James Biden were happy “to go along, of course, for the right price.”

The Senators have more documents they will release in the near future.

The additional receipts show direct interactions and transfers between and among CEFC and other companies, including Northern International Capital, Hudson West III, Hunter Biden’s OWASCO, and James Biden’s Lion Hall Group. Grassley wants people to pay attention to the players in this who are Hunter and James Biden, Yi Jing Ming, Gong wen Dong, Mervyn Yan, and Patrick Ho, to name a few. They all mingled for years with respect to millions of dollars.

Sen. Grassley asked Democrats and the media again if this was Russian disinformation. Both Democrats and the media will ignore it as they have been ignoring it because they are corrupt. Imagine if this was Trump or his children?

So far, RealClearPolitics and some right-leaning sites have reported it.

He said this was just a small taste of what they have and will release.


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1 year ago

Absolutely nothing.

1 year ago

And what do you think will happen with the Big Guy and his crime family?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Johnson is a good man who has been defying corrupt DC and Mitch after he figured out how corrupt our government is. The scamdemic set him off. He takes risks and has good motives.

Grassley has been part of corrupt DC a long time. In Judiciary, 2017-2018, he was actively involved in coverups, as he deliberately failed in his Constitutional oversight of the DOJ. If the DOJ had been forced to come clean at that time, it would not have allowed the coverups of the Biden crimes. Trump would be president. Grassley does his fake outrage act often. I consider his actions now to be for November, they want conservatives on their side to win the senate.

Anyhow, we already knew that the Bidens were getting payoffs of various forms from the Chinese and Ukraine. It is odd that these receipts would appear now. The corrupt DOJ keeps all evidence tightly held and will not release anything due to supposed pending investigations, that was a common excuse crook Barr used. Certainly Garland did not give receipts to 2 GOP senators. Rudy had evidence, OAN had evidence, Barr had evidence, over a year before the election. I suspect Grassley’s move is another Mitch election ploy. In 2017-2018, amidst numerous indications of massive crimes by the DOJ, Grassley showed no interest in evidence or subpoenas. When the nation needed him, Grassley was not there.

1 year ago

Democrats don’t care about America. Democrat Politicians only care about their personal wealth and power. People who vote for Democrats only care about getting free stuff from the Producer Class via Government Redistribution. Joe Biden is Clearly a Traitor and is clearly under foreign influence. Allowing Traitor Joe to remain in the White House is a Treasonous act by the Cabinet and the Congress. Will the New Congress in 2023 hold these people accountable?

SD Plissken Enters the Code
SD Plissken Enters the Code
1 year ago

About time the Grand Old Politburo put on some good kabuki.
Still clinging to that republicants are going to save the republic?
I feel bad for you.