Red Francis Calls for More Gun Control in the US


Red Francis, who doesn’t say much about all the murdered unborn babies in the United States, is calling for more gun control in the United States. Far-left Cardinal Cupich in Chicago agrees.

Pope Francis spoke about the shooting from St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican during his weekly general audience.

“I am praying for the children and adults who were killed, and for their families. It is time to say enough to the indiscriminate trafficking of arms,” Francis said Wednesday.

“Let us all make a commitment so that tragedies like this cannot happen again,” he added.

Why doesn’t he pray for the unborn?

I am Roman Catholic and went all through Catholic schools, but the Pope should stay out of politics.  He should be paying attention to religious matters, not politics. The US Bill of Rights is not his business.

His job is to monitor his priests.


Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, the archbishop of Chicago, agreed in a long statement via Twitter.

Cupich should worry about the horrific killings on the South Side of Chicago and all over Chicago by gang criminals.

They should also worry about the Catholic Church aiding and abetting illegal immigration that includes criminals, terrorists, and drugs.

“The size of the crisis, and its sheer horror, make it all too easy to toss up one’s hands and declare: Nothing can be done. But that is the counsel of despair, and we are a people of hope. What do we hope for our children?” he tweeted.

“The Second Amendment did not come down from Sinai,” Cupich added.

They have pedophile priests, and Catholic organizations assisting illegal immigration, and they say little about killings of the unborn to the moment of birth.

The author is Roman Catholic but what’s wrong is wrong.

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