Francis Orders Nagaski War Card Propaganda Printed, Distributed


Pope Francis has ordered the devastating image of boy carrying his dead brother to a crematorium in 1945 following the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki be printed and distributed.

He had the words “fruit of war” printed on the back.

The caption reads: “The young boy’s sadness is expressed only in his gesture of biting his lips which are oozing blood.”

The US’s nuclear strike against Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, came three days after a similar bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. It was horrible, absolutely.

The Pope is understandably against nuclear war. However, the Japanese refused to surrender and more of our military and more innocent civilians would have been killed. It is impossible to know how many. Japan wouldn’t even surrender after Hiroshima. What the Japanese didn’t know is we only had two bombs.

We were not at war when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They were terrorists at the time. At their prison camps, they tortured, raped, beheaded captives. The 1941 Japanese were not the lovely people we know today. It was a different time and a different culture.

The atom bomb attacks ended World War II and at least saved tens of thousands of lives. The war brought freedom to the world.

The Pope recently told an anti-nuclear weapon conference that the possession of nuclear weapons was now “irrational”.

In November, the Pontiff said: “We’re at the limit of licitly having and using nuclear arms.”

“Why? Because today, such sophisticated nuclear arsenals risk destroying humanity or at least a great part of it.”

We agree and that is why we are trying to get Kim Jong-un and Iran to give up their nuclear weapons programs.

He thinks the possession of such weapons is “irrational” but if the USA didn’t have them, we’d be victimized quickly.

Why won’t he say something about that or about ISIS and other atrocities throughout the world? Is he only afraid of nuclear weapons in the hands of Americans?

Also on Sunday, the Pope issued a year-end message calling on people to take responsibility for their actions in 2017, saying the year was filled with “death, lies and injustices”

In St. Peter’s Basilica, he stated that the year had been “wasted and wounded…in many ways with works of death, with lies and injustices,” Reuters reported.

He did not say who he meant specifically but one of his issues has been President Trump’s stance on climate change. The Pope thinks he has all the answers and opposing views are sinful.

He’s also opposed to fake news which is a plus.


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