Reddit Clown World Bans the Truth About Celebrities


One of the communities on Reddit is called “conspiracy.” It’s most often factual, but they post on it to reveal information that people on the left don’t want to be revealed. They skirt the censors.

A case in point is the meme below. It’s factual. These celebrities have transitioned their sons into girls and vice versa at a very young age.

As one Reddit blogger said, these Hollywood people treat their children like dog pets.

Angelina made her daughter into a boy because of something the child said when she was three. The girl is now back to being a little girl. These celebrities are nuts.

In any case, Reddit didn’t like the factual meme above. It’s as if the person said something that wasn’t true. They deleted the meme and all the comments. This is what we’re dealing with when it comes to censorship. They censor the truth, well-known truths.

The clowns of the Left want people kept in the dark.

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