Remarkable! Angela Stanton-King, pardoned by Trump, now running for office


Angela Stanton-King was imprisoned for her part in a car theft ring, and she was pardoned by President Trump as part of the First Step criminal justice reform. She has turned her life around.

Her conviction was in 2004 and she soent two years in jail.

Ms. Stanton-King has written a book, gives inspirational speeches, is a reality show entertainer, and is now running for John Lewis’s seat in Georgia’s 5th congressional.

She is Alveda King’s goddaughter. Alveda King is also a niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Lewis’ mentor during the civil rights movement.

Stanton-King qualified to run for the office as a Republican on Friday.

During her interview with 11Alive, Stanton-King reflected on the moment she got the call from her godmother, Alveda King, telling her the president granted her a pardon.

“I was on set when I got the call from my godmother,” she said. “When I got the call – it was hours before my birthday – I was honestly in shock, and it opened the door for what I’m able to do now: run for Congress, which is a lifelong dream of mine.”

“For me, I had put in a pardon a while back, but because I’m in the work for criminal justice reform, I advocate for others to be free,” she added.

As Lewis, 80, runs for election for the eighteenth time, this is the eleventh time there would be a Republican challenger in the race. Democrat Barrington Martin is also running in the 5th District as a candidate. He qualified for the race on Friday.

It’s not likely she could defeat the popular Mr. Lewis, who is in Stage 4 of pancreatic cancer, but her story is inspiring.

Ms. Stanton-King is pro-life and is fighting what she calls the Democratic war on life. She has a remarkable story:

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