Bloomberg adviser threatens “scorched-earth” on Trump family over Quid Pro Joe


Bloomberg, who is prepared to wage a full-frontal assault on Donald Trump, thinks that the Biden-Ukraine scandal is a conspiracy theory. His former top adviser, Tim O’Brien does too and is now threatening the President over it. He said if the President pushes “conspiracy theories about former vice president Joe Biden’s son and his work for a Ukrainian energy company” he will go after his [Trump’s] “grifter” family. They will go “scorched-earth.”

Hunter and Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal is not a conspiracy theory as O’Brien, Bloomberg, and other Democrats want people to believe. It’s an uninvestigated scandal.

In the first clip, you can watch Quid Pro Joe threatening to withhold U.S. funds from Ukraine if they don’t fire their top prosecutor who was planning to investigate Burisma and Hunter Biden:

On MSNBC, Bloomberg’s former adviser Tim O’Brien sent the warning.

“The Trump family are epic grifters, and this goes back generations,” said O’Brien. He then insulted Fred Trump, Donald, and the children as allegedly “dipping their faces into the till.”

The truth is Ivanka, Jared, and Donald Trump work for nothing. They give their salaries back to government agencies and charity.

He continued, threatening the Trump family, “And if the Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden, which is very low-hanging fruit that I don’t think most Democratic voters care about anyway, there is going to be a scorched-earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is unlike anything they have experienced in the media.”

Joy Reid asked if Bloomberg would be the one to do it.

“Could it be from your former candidate?” asked host Joy Reid. “Because Mike Bloomberg has a lot of money to spend and there’s a lot of ads you could make on something like this.”

His answer was indirect.

“I think it’s an important moment for the American people to be woke about how rampant the financial conflicts of interest are among Trump’s children, the president himself, their failure to distance themselves from the Trump Organization, the deals they’ve continued to pursue while in the White House, the Trump Hotel, which has a history between Jared and the Russian government and his family’s struggling finances at the time,” said O’Brien. “All of this will become food for thought for everyone.”

So, yes, Bloomberg’s money will be used to attack Trump’s family.

O’Brien has attacked President Trump non-stop for years. He was fully into the Russia-Trump probe, claiming there was evidence. In early February, he told Joy Reid, “When you get inside Donald Trump‘s head, all you’re going to discover is a putter, a cheeseburger, a porn video, and somebody else’s credit card.”

O’Brien is very nasty and dishonest, like his former candidate.

In the clip, he’s talking about normal business dealings by the family and trying to make them into a scandal:

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