Rep. Blumenauer Is First to Boycott SOTU, Won’t Be Missed


Rep. Earl Blumenauer has actually been voted into office in Oregon since 1996.

He’s taking a stand against the President by not showing up at the State of the Union speech. What’s the point of that? No one will care or miss him.

The Oregon nerd boycotted the inauguration and wasn’t missed.

Other Democrats will undoubtedly do the same — the usual suspects who wanted to impeach Trump before he even got into office.

Earl Blumenauer is far-left on all issues all the time, very predictable, but he is considered an average Democrat. It’s not Trump he’s protesting, it’s anyone who doesn’t agree with him.


  1. Rep Blumenauer has helped turn Oregon into a shit hole.
    Stay at home in your nursing home, you left winged IDIOT

  2. No one will miss this communist creep, he has nothing to say, no one would even know he was there if he had not told us he wasn’t coming. He is like the ugliest girl who doesn’t enter the beauty contest and you won’t notice until/unless she tells you she is not coming.

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