Rep. Burchett on Why He Voted Against McCarthy – His Friend


Rep. Tim Burchett, who voted to oust Speaker McCarthy, said he hated losing Kevin as his friend, and he thinks he has, but he has to vote his conscience. He gave this somber, heartfelt message about losing the country, and he’s not wrong. By 2030, we will be at least $45 trillion in debt, and the world is de-dollarizing.

“My conscience tells me that we’re $33 trillion in debt. We took off the whole month of August knowing that September was going to come around,” Rep. Burchett said. “It does every year at the end of our budgetary year, fiscal year, and there is no urgency. And then we just do a continued resolution, kicking the can 45 days down the road, and then that will be right up against the Thanksgiving holiday. And then we’ll put in an omnibus which is a big bill, more spending, will raise more lobbyists and more special interest, and the big boys will stay in power and, at some point, we just got to say enough is enough folks.

“I hate losing Kevin as a friend, but I worry about losing our country, in all sincerity, we are rapidly approaching that. And you know, yesterday, house floor, we got here, we started late, we voted to name a post office, and that’s our urgency right now.

“We’re at 42 days and haven’t had a meeting on the budget or anything. We have a budget committee. Jody Arrington, out of Texas, has a budget. He gave his little 10 minutes in conference, and they gave him the Golf Course and sent him on his way. And nobody …talked about his budget. We are going to face financial ruin right now.

“I’ll leave you with one thing, and I talked to Kevin last week, the last thing he said was, ‘I really want to be Speaker.’ Folks, it’s got to be more than that. We’ve got to save our country, and that’s why I’m going to vote the way I am. From Hell or high water, I realize I’ll catch it on all sides, and it might cost me my job, but I do honestly, in all sincerity, think this country is worth it.”

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