Speaker McCarthy Was Ousted in a 216 – 210 Vote


Speaker Kevin McCarthy is the first Speaker ever to be ousted in US history. The new normal is chaos. The plan going forward isn’t clear right now. It’s too bad this didn’t happen to Paul Ryan.

Eight Republicans, including Andy Biggs of Arizona, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Eli Crane of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, and Matt Rosendale of Montana, joined the entire Democratic conference to vote 216-210 in favor of declaring the office of the speaker vacant.

This move effectively removed McCarthy (R-Calif.) from power and plunged the chamber into turmoil as it now embarks on the challenging task of selecting his replacement.

Speaker McCarthy could run again.

The interim Speaker is Patrick McHenry.

Some people are happy. Mr. McCarthy broke his promise. The next Speaker shouldn’t be anyone from California.

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