Rep Greene to Sec. Mayorkas: “You’re a Liar!”


Whether you like Marjorie Taylor Greene or not, she has courage. That’s more than we can say for a lot of these politicians.

Rep. Greene laid out her case for Secretary Mayorkas, allowing the flood of humanity on the border and the unfettered influx of fentanyl.  Mayorkas doesn’t tell the truth or answer questions. He pretends he is doing everything he can. He’s not, and that’s when MTG called him a liar.


“There have been over 5.5 million illegal alien encounters at our border, 1.3 million known gateways and approximately 870% increase in apprehensions in just one sector of the northern border.

“American mothers and infants suffered a severe baby formula shortage all while this administration was happily stocking the shelves for illegal aliens at one of one of the largest processing centers in the country.

“American mothers were forced to delay inductions at the Yuma Regional Medical Center because of your policies. They have flooded their maternity unit with illegal aliens. Tens of thousands of migrant children have been forced into slave labor in our country because of your policies. At least 853 dead migrants and counting, the most ever in a 12-month period died trying to cross the southern border in 2022.

“And now there are over 300 Americans a day dying, every single day, every single day, without without fail, every single day because of fentanyl.

Deadly fentanyl which is the number one cause of death in young people between ages 18 and 45. Now we have rain rainbow fentanyl which even NBC News was acknowledging that the cartels were bringing across our border and it comes from China this rainbow fentanyl looks like sweet tarts or Skittles, clearly made to target America’s school children.

“It’s fifty times more potent than heroin, 100 times more potent than morphine and now under your tenure secretary mayorkas schools all over America have to have Narcan to save children that overdose on this deadly poison.

MTG then discussed the people dying in Georgia every single day although they are not a border state and are not near Mexico.

“I want to know from you how many more people do we have to watch die every single day in America. How many more young people do we have to see die. How many more teenagers. How many more parents cry themselves to sleep at night, if they can even sleep, because their child overdosed on fentanyl? How long are you going to continue this outrage, complete outrage, where China is poisoning America’s children, poisoning our teenagers, poisoning our young people? How long are you going to let this go on?”

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: “Congressman, let me assure you that we’re not letting it go on. We are fighting this.”

Her comments appear to be against the rules, and her words were stricken from the record. She was also banned from further questioning on the issue.

Mayorkas plays the innocent, but he is a traitor, pushing an invasion on our borders.


Josh Hawley asked the same type of questions in regard to child trafficking. The NY Times reported about the trafficking, neglect, and abuse of migrant children.

Again, all Mayorkas said is they do everything possible. Watch:

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