EPA to Whack Power Plants That Fuel the Nation’s Grid


The all-powerful Biden EPA is finalizing a plan to force fossil fuel-fired power plants to dramatically curb emissions. Their other option is to utilize costly carbon capture technology. When did Biden get the mandate to do this?

Only 20 of the nation’s more than 3,000 plants use the technology.

Coal Power Plant At a River

The EPA, an agency of unelected bureaucrats, recently decided that gasoline-powered engines will be canceled.

This proposal slams the nation’s power grid while Biden threatens war with nuclear nations.

The nation’s energy system is a significant source of US wealth. The proposal will likely require coal and natural gas-fired power plants to cut or capture most CO2 emissions by 2040. In other words, they’re sunsetting fossil fuels. The investment in power plants will soon end.

The New York Times reported the news on Saturday, citing officials briefed on a draft of the plan. If finalized, the regulation would represent the first-ever federal action curbing power plant emissions.

“EPA cannot comment because the proposals are currently under interagency review,” EPA spokesperson Maria Michalos told Fox News Digital in a statement.

This is based on computer-generated projections of what will reduce the earth’s temperature.

“Maria Michalos, an E.P.A. spokeswoman, said the agency is “moving urgently to advance standards that protect people and the planet, building on the momentum from President Biden’s Investing in America economic agenda, including proposals to address carbon emissions from new and existing power plants.”

In other words, they’re destroying the country as quickly as possible.

If unelected bureaucrats in the EPA move to destroy our power plants, shouldn’t we at least require that a law be passed first?

Your costs will skyrocket!

This is the deep state in action – the administrative state we didn’t get to vote for.

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