Rep Himes Names People Who Will ‘Rot in Hell’, Calls Leftists to Arms


Democrat Rep. Jim Himes said with certainty that those who besmirch dirty cops James Comey and Robert Mueller will not only go to hell, they will rot there.

“People will rot in hell for besmirching the reputation, the integrity, and the professional history” of James Comey and Robert Mueller he said.

Himes is quite upset that Trump called Comey a liar and a leaker, despite the horrendous gossipy revenge book Comey just wrote tearing Trump apart.

Comey actually admitted he is a leaker and he is a proven liar.

The Connecticut representative has been worried since June of last year, and in January, and in March, and now again in April that the President might fire Robert Mueller.

He’s a drama queen.

Rep. Himes Calls for Leftists to Protest If Trump Fires Witch Hunters 

On Friday, Himes’ office confirmed to a Daily Caller reporter that Himes believes Rosenstein, Sessions, or Mueller will be FIRED in the next 48 hours and Trump will conduct Syrian strikes shortly.

He has called the far-left to action via memo. There will be massive protests if it happens. He wants the protests/riots to take place in small towns as well as cities.

The call-to-arms for his hard-left base is also to protest the Syria attack which Himes says is unconstitutional.

“In both cases, constitutional order and rule of law are at stake. As a consequence, it is important that we speak and act in a coordinated manner,” Himes wrote to Connecticut party officials, as he told them to organize the nutjobs.

In the case of the president ending Mueller’s investigation, Himes told confidants that “Congress must act immediately to require the preservation of all documents and work product, and to re-establish the investigation via statue,” adding that “this must be the sole initial priority.”

As Congress acts, Himes calls for “organized, persistent and peaceful demonstrations with a clear demand must be the goal.

Himes ends his email with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln and a call for action. “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed,” he wrote.

MoveOn is doing the planning and they are very, very far-left. Their funding has come in part from George Soros. Soros is the most powerful man in America’s shadow government.


  1. That rep is a dem so cares nothing about religion. He cites hell to win points in his party with a dramatic statement. His act is all about himself moving up in the world.

  2. Hey Dips**t Himes, are you willing to talk about Robert Mueller sending 4 innocent guys to death row only to turn out later Robert Mueller and the FBI with held evidence that proved their innocence? 2 of them died in prison, the state of Massachusetts ending up having to give the 2 still alive and family of the 2 dead 100 million dollars for wrongful prosecution, yeah Himes Mueller deserves HELL!!!!!!!!!!

    • No he won’t talk about that just like Gore won’t debate anyone who has a different opinion on climate change, or global warming or global cooling or whatever these tree huggers want to call it today. Ct. deserves him.

    • Deliberate and wrongful prosecutions is a huge issue yet the media ignores it. Mueller is dirty, Rosenstein is dirty, Comey is dirty. The media knows this and so do Congressman who get in front of cameras and endorse Mueller.

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