Rep. Lauren Boebert Wins! Frisch Concedes, Hasta la Vista Adam!


After the DCCC tried to find votes for Adam Frisch for more than a week, he conceded. Frisch can’t win. Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert won by a razor-thin margin.

The Associated Press said they had not called the race, but why is the AP calling it? Why is any media calling the race? What happened to government officials calling the race?

The NY Times writes:

As of Thursday evening, according to The A.P., Ms. Boebert led by a mere 0.16 percentage points — or 551 votes of nearly 327,000 counted to date. Nearly all of the votes have been counted, according to The A.P. The margin qualifies for an automatic recount under state law, which would further delay an official race call…

In a television ad presenting him as not a typical Democrat — it showed footage of Mr. Frisch hunting with a shotgun — he said that he would not vote for Representative Nancy Pelosi for House speaker and that he supported border security.

Frisch is a typical Democrat. He was trying to run as a RINO.

The Times also wrote:

That has put Ms. Boebert at odds with platforms like Twitter, which temporarily suspended her account after she spread the falsehood that the 2020 election was rigged.

There is no evidence it’s a falsehood and plenty of evidence it was rigged. The media liars just keep acting like an arm of the Democrat Socialist Party.


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