Rep Mo Brooks Introduces One-Page Bill to Block Federal Vax Fiat


The time for action is now, and the American people deserve to know who is willing to stand with them to defend our constitution.

~ Representative Mo Brooks

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a one-page bill on Thursday to stop President Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccine fiat, banning the government from using federal funds to “establish, implement, or enforce any vaccine mandate.”

The legislation titled, Defund Federal Vaccine Mandates Act, states that “no Federal funds may be used to establish, implement, or enforce any vaccine mandate.”

“Every single American should have the ability to make the best decision for them and their own health, without fear of losing their livelihood. The government should not try to intimidate, coerce, or force anyone into receiving the vaccine,” the Alabama Republican said in a statement, noting that “hesitancy is understandable” due to the “rapid speed at which these vaccines were developed and distributed, and the growing list of side effects.”

One page anti-vax mandate bill by  on Scribd

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