Rep Wants to Outlaw Guns for All, Happy to Take Them From the Poor


A new bill (HR 5103) in the United States Congress severely raises taxes on guns and ammo, Americans for Tax Reform reports. The bill’s sponsor would love to “outlaw [guns] altogether.”

It doubles the federal excise taxes on pistols and revolvers, from 10 percent to 20 percent. The bill comes close to nearly doubling the federal excise tax on shotguns and rifles. It quintuples the federal excise tax on ammo from 11 percent to 50 percent.

Farrakhan’s good friend Rep. Danny Davis sponsored the bill along with another nine Democrats. Elitist Davis then said:  “I think the whole idea is to make it… more difficult for individuals…to use these weapons. If they’re going to use them, then at least they could pay more to do so”

Only the rich, the elite, deserve guns in this arrogant man’s eyes. It is where all the Democrats will take us.

Outlaw them altogether

When Kerry Picket, Sirius XM Patriot asked him about bills like that only making guns affordable to the rich, the Illinois Democrat wasn’t embarrassed saying he wanted guns taken from everyone.

“Well I would be just as pleased if neither group were able to get them [guns],” Rep. Davis said. “So what I am saying is it doesn’t pose an issue for me because I would like to outlaw them altogether. I am saying I would like to make it where nobody except military personnel would ever have access to these weapons. So it wouldn’t bother me that one category of people couldn’t get them even if the other one was willing to pay the high price for them. Then we use that money for services that are needed and people could make use of them.”

Picket asked, “So rich people only could own firearms?”

Davis’s response:  “So if rich people could only get firearms then only rich people would be able to pay the price. And if that could prevent some people from getting them, I would want to prevent all people from getting them. But if rich people were willing, and would continue to pay the high price then I’d be happy that we kept the other group from getting them.”.

One of the elite

Davis is an elitist Democrat, but I repeat myself, who believes he has the right to take guns and Second Amendment rights away from everyone. You can be sure he would exempt himself.

Davis, the man who calls Farrakhan an “outstanding human being”, thinks he has the right to steal another’s money with outlandish taxes. We already fought a war against people like him.

The people he wants to be without guns probably need them the most. Areas with less wealth have more crime.

You can listen to the full interview below.

h/t Jon


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