Report claims President Trump notably angry with VP Pence


In a report from Axios, White House sources allegedly say that President Trump is notably angry with many of his supposed “allies” who are not fighting the good fight to defend election integrity, most notably Vice President Pence.

Keep in mind, these are anonymous sources speaking with a very left-wing publication.

Axios reports further:

A source who spoke to Trump said the president was complaining about Pence and brought up a Lincoln Project ad that claims that Pence is “backing away” from Trump. This ad has clearly got inside Trump’s head, the source said.

    • Trump views Pence as not fighting hard enough for him — the same complaint he uses against virtually everybody who works for him and has been loyal to him.

Pence’s role on Jan. 6 has begun to loom large in Trump’s mind, according to people who’ve discussed the matter with him.

    • Trump would view Pence performing his constitutional duty — and validating the election result — as the ultimate betrayal.

However, Vice President Michael Pence said at the Turning Point USA conference that he won’t stop fighting until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is thrown out.

He doesn’t sound like he’s bailing on the President:

Whether that means he won’t validate the election, we can’t say. However, if there is no reason not to, what choice does he have?

His tweets sound very supportive. Take this one encouraging the President to stay in the fight for election integrity:

If you see ‘Pence Card’ trending, this is what they are talking about.

President Trump believes they are slow-walking the signature verifications in Georgia because they don’t want the results out by January 6. That’s his opinion, but who knows.

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2 years ago

Meh…I don’t believe many anonymous sources…especially when they’re trashing POTUS The Donald. But, generally speaking…the GOP are indeed capitulating to the evil Left. Republicans STILL labor under the grossly erroneous concept that sportsmanship is more important than results. Instead of fighting to keep Liberty from her coffin they figure they’ll help bury her today and (hope to) exhume her in 2024…or whenever the Democrats give them permission to. They don’t realize that this stolen election isn’t just the usual gamesmanship. It isn’t a Democrat check…it’s the Democrat checkmate.

Noah Was A Knower
Noah Was A Knower
2 years ago

Just because someone pays lip service to God that doesn’t mean that they aren’t CCP compromised.
Found a pic the other day of all the governors taking PR photos with CCP comrades and Pence wasn’t in there.
Shockingly the current Red State governor was in the rouges gallery of PRC ballwashers.
Maybe that is why massive throngs of people are pouring in for the fundamental transformation.
The rot is deep and this society just may be too far gone for saving.
When you get detached from reality then you get gobsmacked by reality.

O/T-just went out and about to the stripmall subdivision eyesore posing as a town and it was terminal madness.
The light would change and the people turning left/right weren’t even clear of the intersection.
They left the same four lane road from the late 1970s early 1980s and added hundreds of thousands of people to what used be to rural route farmland.
Every stripmall entrance has a stoplight and the settings are beyond stupid with backups in between each light and sometimes sitting through several just to proceed forward.
You can see the city skyline from stripmallville and that is always a bad sign.
The brilliant participation trophy generation will destroy the world if we aren’t careful.
If the adults don’t step up soon then it will be too late.

2 years ago

Most likely this is liberal BS being planted as a seed of disinformation to undermine the relationship between President Trump and Vice President Pence.

It is an old ploy used by many a child to gain favor by false innuendo concerning other people.

It is especially more circumspect coming from a liberal publication using the old faithful “anonymous source”.

BS in my book!