Report Oakland Raiders Let QB Get Hurt Because He’s Opposed to Taking a Knee


According to Miko Grimes, wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes, the Oakland Raiders offensive line actually stood down and allowed Derek Carr get hurt because he didn’t agree with and did not join the team’s anthem protests.

Quarterback Derek Carr said it’s gossip and it’s not true. He also disputed her claims that he tweeted a Bible verse to her.

If Carr is right, Grimes’ spreading of gossip is very harmful and divisive. It’s reckless because as this story got around, it caused more racial division. The taking a knee protests are divisive enough.

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6 years ago

Hey Miko i hope you read this but your trash just like Brents career is garbage dumpster fire lmao she jealous Carr is a somebody and her husband is basically a nobody in 10 years ppl will be like Brent and Mike who? Oh her name is Miko oh shit i thought she was a dude and Brent was an openly gay man.