Report that no indictment on coup makes the USA a “failed state”


President Trump retweeted a link to an article by Judicial Watch’s investigator Chris Farell. In the article, Farrell asks what most of us are thinking. Why is nothing happening?

For years, Attorney General Bill Barr had the latest bombshell information that was recently released by DNI Ratcliffe. That is, they all knew Hillary Clinton and the DNC concocted a Trump-Russia scandal and they did not investigate. They did nothing which makes them all party to it.

Farrell states that it took years to get anything released via FOIA and Barr fought him at every turn.

“That work has been a years-long effort – often fighting the Trump/Barr Justice Department to release records the American public is owed by statute. ”


The Judicial Watch investigator wonders if Durham and Barr have the will.

“Seasoned investigators and attorneys can take the publicly available records and assemble sufficient facts, documentation and evidence to meet the legal threshold (“probable cause”) for successfully presenting a bill of indictment to a grand jury. Like most discretionary decisions and exercises of governmental power, it really comes down to political will,” Farrell writes.

CIA Director Haspel and FBI Director Wray will not release records to Congress or JW that they are entitled to and Farrell would like to know why.

“Ask yourself why AG Barr fights Judicial Watch in virtually every FOIA lawsuit seeking records over the Obamagate coup plot. Why does he permit the FBI to claim in court that their agents’ text messages on their government phones are not government records? That’s insultingly preposterous – but it is the Justice Department’s position. Your tax dollars in action,” Farrell states.


If they don’t have the will, he writes that we are a “failed state.”

He concludes, “One thing is for certain: Should Barr/Durham not bring indictments and go to trial against the officials who organized the coup against President Trump, then the United States will become a “failed state.” The compromised justice system would be held in contempt by the people it was designed to protect.”

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