Reporter says “just shut it [grocery stores, restaurants] all down”


When I heard this last night, I had to play it back because I couldn’t believe it. The coronavirus task virus wants us to avoid grocery stores and drugstores if possible for the next two weeks. A reporter wants it all shut down!

I guess that would have been okay if all the gun shops are still opened.

One reporter asked the dumbest question out of many dumb questions and wanted to know why our president isn’t closing all grocery stores and restaurants. The message he is trying to send is President Trump isn’t doing enough.

“Obviously, we know anyone can spread the disease unwittingly,” EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen said. “So, why even have a few businesses open? Why not just shut everything down?”

“There are grocery stores that are open, fast food places,” Jensen continued. “Why even take a little chance? Just shut it all down.”

“We’ll answer that question later,” Trump responded politely. “All I can say is that right now, things are looking really good and opening up with a bang will be a great thing.”

He is a Catholic News Network reporter. Maybe he’s figuring he will send the Bishops out to turn your loaf of bread into a hundred loaves.


Also in the leftist world of ‘Trump can never win,’ comes a NY Times article bashing him for letting 430,000 Chinese come into the country before the travel ban. This is the same NY Times that called him a xenophobe for implementing too stringent a travel ban. Now it wasn’t soon enough.

The New York Times wrote in its January 31 article that the decision [for a travel ban] “sent shocks through the stock market and rattled industries that depend on the flow of goods and people between the world’s two largest economies.” The publication added that “some public health and policy experts” believed the restrictions would do nearly nothing to help contain the virus.

“At this point, sharply curtailing air travel to and from China is more of an emotional or political reaction, said Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, an epidemiologist and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota,” according to the NYT article.


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