Dems want to treat pandemics as terrorism for insurance claim purposes


Maxine Waters and her ‘generous’ Democrats in Congress figured out another way to wreck the country even sooner. They want to change the rules for insurance companies by making the pandemic an act of terrorism for claims purposes. Then they want the taxpayers to back that up [when the insurance companies fail].

The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act, with the blessings of socialist democrat Maxine Waters, will require insurance companies to cover all losses from pandemics, The Washington Times reported. Some want the coverage to be offered retroactively.

It must be a human right. So what if the insurance industry collapses, it’s more for the socialist democrats to control.

“If they don’t do this, we’re in very, very big trouble,” said Zachary Finn, director of the risk management program at Butler University. “Business interruption spreads through the economy like a contagion. What’s happening is Congress can’t bail us out fast enough.”

Congress isn’t bailing anyone out, period. These so-called rescue packages are filled with pork and restrictions.

Finn drafted a proposal for Congress based on a project created by four of his former students to address business losses from a theoretical cyber attack. The measure is modeled on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002.

Just what we need, directors at universities drafting proposals as if Democrats don’t have enough socialist ideas of their own.

“The circumstances we are facing are unprecedented and will require creative approaches,” Maxine said as House Democrats consider a fourth economic rescue package. “America’s consumers, small businesses and vulnerable populations are suffering. It is time for policy and fiscal response to address their needs.”

Because no expense is too small, even with our enormous debt.

Remember when she said she’d take over the oil industry? She’s not a liberal, she’s a socialist.

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