Republican Sen. Trashes Trump Supporters as ‘Nativists, Mean, Loud, Protectionists’


Senator Flake of Arizona smirked his way through several interviews on left-wing media to sell his new book. He trashed Trump and Trump supporters. Calling them “nativists, protectionists, mean,” and “loud” he left no doubt how he feels about Trump and anyone who voted for him. Flake said “it’s wrong” and it’s fueled by “anti-immigration fervor”, while leading the party in the wrong direction. The party has “lost its way”, the sanctimonious senator has said.

Wanting to shut down illegal sanctuary cities, demanding legal immigration, wanting to close a huge trade gap with our geopolitical enemies is now “mean, nativism, and protectionism”.

Flake actually had the nerve to call himself a conservative during the interviews.

The neverTrumpers clearly don’t want Trump’s agenda to succeed. Forget Trump, these people are playing to the globalist playbook.

There are some right-wingers who go too far but, hello, the Democrats are following the lead of Socialists and Communists. That’s worse!

The neverTrumpers in Congress and elsewhere are as bad or worse when it comes to trashing Trump. There are many things about the President I don’t like and I sure wish he’d work on the quality of some of those tweets, but his intentions and his agenda are those of conservatives and libertarians more than any president since Reagan.

Some Republicans in the House and a few in the Senate are sticking up for the President but it’s not enough. Granted, the President makes it difficult at times and there is chaos around the White House. Given that, they should be out defending him on this fake Russia story and those aspects of his agenda that they say they represent.

Former CIA Op Daniel Hoffman was stationed in Russia for five years and is very familiar with Kremlin operations. He detailed his non-partisan assessment in an op-ed for the NY Times.

He does believe Russia was attempting to influence our elections and politics but he has seen no sign of collusion.

Mr. Hoffman, who spent most of his 30 year career studying the Russians wrote that Russians use their intel services against U.S. national security agencies, political parties and defense contractors.

Putin prefers a state of animosity between our countries and as a KGB, FSB leader, he is accomplished at using the tactics of covert intelligence agencies.

He describes the breadcrumbs left from the Donald Jr.-Kushner Trump Tower meeting that leads him to believe the Kremlin set them up.

Hoffman said he doesn’t know how the leak came about but it achieved two of Putin’s objectives. For one, it creates turmoil in the U.S. government, causes frenzied media coverage and steps up investigations. For another, it makes them players despite their inferiority militarily and economically.

Russians didn’t need to operate through a political party and both parties should be meeting this attack with one voice.

Tell it to the Democrats and neverTrumpers.

There is much more to his comments but the one thing that is clear is it worked. Both political parties have been quick to indict the Trumps, playing into Putin’s hands.

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6 years ago

We really need to start taking a look at our Own actions across the world. It can be said all this had its beginnings with they way we acquired the Hawaiian islands. It had more in common with the manner in which caused the American revolution than any benevolent action.

It would take volumes of books to detail all the involvements this country has perpetrated on the world and it generally had to do with money.

Our current situation with Russia has more to do with Ukraine and the toppling of a Government by external operatives, namely “us”. (My grandparents emigrated from “Russia”, which is Now called Ukraine. It had long been a part of Russia.) It was McCain and Graham who went there to overthrow that Government. Furthermore, there are a great many in that country who support Russia.

As a country we are far too quick to get involved in the operation of other countries and THAT is where much of world-wide conflict begins. The most glaring example is in Israel. There are many areas where Jews and Arabs get along. If they would be left alone time could very well heal many of the wounds that nations have inflicted. Instead, when things cool and settle down you have not only this country, but most of the UN stoking the flames which results in hostile acts by Arabs, which then results in Israel having to take actions. It has been clear that violence by Arabs have followed, inevitably, by actions to push, even force, a peace agreement.

It is not so easy to determine the geopolitical scene between countries considering it usually involves covert operations. It is only long after the fact that it becomes known.

6 years ago
Reply to  Greg

It appears to me that Flake favors interventionism by the USA, which you refer to above, as well as favoring mass immigration into the USA. Flake is a consummate opportunist. He is appealing to the deep state and globalist donors due to his ambition. Other than being a missionary with a political science degree he has accomplished nothing.