Responses to NR political editor explaining Trump supporters were ‘conned’


Jim Geraghty, the political editor at National Review, says people who put their “faith in Trump’s claim of a presidential election stolen through massive alteration of votes through the use of voting software, and the legal skills of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, I am sorry to tell you that you have been conned.”

Mr. Geraghty’s use of the word “conned” is meant to depict Ms. Powell, Mr. Giuliani, and Mr. Trump as conmen. However, we remember when National Review writers told us Donald Trump was not going to follow the Constitution, and wouldn’t fulfill any of his promises. That wasn’t true. NR conned us.

However, Mr. Geraghty’s comments are worth noting. It’s another perspective. These are his tweets summarizing the article he wrote backing this up:

Dominion Voting Systems works in 28 states and ran elections in Ohio, Florida, and other states that Trump won. In Florida, which Trump won by a wider margin than expected, the division of elections certified their systems as safe, secure, and effective.

That division answers to the Florida Secretary of State, Laurel Lee, who is a former assistant U.S. attorney and former judge appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2019.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency have thoroughly examined the company’s hardware and software and found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors, no evidence of a secret way to alter the votes.

CISA answers to acting Secretary of Homeland Security, who answers to President Trump.

Dominion and Smartmatic are competitors. The founders of Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica and Alfredo Anzola, immigrated from Venezuela and created the company in Boca Raton, Fla., in 1999.

Smartmatic’s systems were indeed used in Venezuela, but in 2017, they accused the regime of President Nicolás Maduro of rigging the election, declaring, “The turnout figures on Sunday, July 30 for the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela were tampered with.”

And as many have pointed out, if any voting-machine software was altering votes from Trump to Biden, then the hand recount in Georgia should have revealed a dramatic difference from the initial tallies to the hand-counted tallies.

The hand recount found Biden won Georgia by 12,284 votes, and Trump picked up about 1,400 votes from the initial count, as some Republican-leaning counties failed to count 5,262 votes. It’s good they did the recount!

Out of 159 counties in Georgia 54 counties had the same totals after the recount, 27 counties initially miscounted by one vote, and 26 counties miscounted by five or fewer votes. Of the 5,262-vote change, 4,740 came from Floyd, Fulton, and Gwinnett city.

He continues in more depth in his article at National Review. Three passages from the article:

In short, the contention of the Trump campaign’s lawyers is that the outcome of the 2020 presidential election was rigged by a conspiracy of multiple voting-machine-software companies, poll workers across the country, local and county election officials in multiple key states, various secretaries of state, state attorney generals, governors including Republicans, law enforcement at all levels, the Department of Homeland Security, and every judge who has ruled against them so far. Oh, and almost everyone in almost every form of media who covers elections, presumably including me. If indeed the conspiracy is that vast, that deep, and that powerful, it raises the question of why anyone should participate in elections at all.

If you still have more faith in Giuliani and Powell than everyone who contends what they’re saying is nonsense, don’t take my word for it. Every court document that is filed in relation to the election gets posted online. does a good job of collecting them and posting them fairly quickly. You can read through them; everything is right there in black and white. You can see that the Trump campaign’s lawyers are not making the same claims of massive widespread fraud and voter alteration in court. Lawyers face serious professional consequences for lying — that is, making an assertion that they know is not true, to a judge or jury — in a courtroom. Ask yourself, if what Giuliani and Powell are claiming is true, why is the Trump campaign not even making the accusation in court? Why are they not presenting evidence? Why did Powell get angry at Tucker Carlson, who is about as supportive a media voice as the Trump campaign could ever want, when he asked for evidence?


At the Sentinel, we prefer to wait for Sidney Powell’s evidence, and we believe that Ms. Powell is a sincere and serious person. She might be wrong or come up short or worse, but she said the evidence might come out as early as this weekend or during the week, so we will wait for that before deciding.

We do, sadly, believe President Trump lost, and we know mail-in balloting is rife with cheating. Let’s see what his lawyers have.

Mostly, we are terrified of the incoming administration, the Obama third term on steroids. Biden’s handlers have appointed radicals to the transition team in his name. We have already lost free speech and our gun rights are in imminent danger. Reparations, unborn baby killings we have to pay for, cozying up to China and Iran, globalism, high taxation, more control by elitists, more regulations, more manufactured hatred of law enforcement, and more deficit spending await. Job-killing policies are back, along with open borders. If necessary, Democrats will use their communist-anarchist army to further the agenda.

Who has been conned? Trump supporters were not conned. We know and hope and pray for what appears to be out of reach. Don’t talk down to us. We know Donald Trump’s faults and we know yours.

~ The Editor

Responses to his Twitter posts:

Responses to the NR Article


The truth is relative to the observer as always. All the democrats and never-Trumpers can talk about is where is the evidence. My reply is which court are you talking about? In the court of law you need digital proof of crimes being committed. Of course if the democrats covered their tracks well enough we won’t have that. But in the court of public opinion no such concrete evidence is needed. We the public are allowed to look at numbers like 100% 85% and 80% vote margins going to Biden from mail-in ballots are in fact all the proof you need that fraud was committed. You could easily infer the reason that so many election laws were changed by democrats was to that they could be exploited by democrats. Nothing unreasonable with that logic. What we the people would like to see is when statistical anomalies are found and extremely suspect changes are made to the election system that an audit of the entire system be done from top to bottom where these anomalies show up. We want ever single signature accompanying every single vote to be matched to their proper owner and those that don’t thrown out. We want all of the votes from dead people thrown out. We want all of those who votes more than once to have all of their votes discounted. And after this we want elimination of anything but paper ballots issued on election day counted verified by bipartisan observers. We want equal opportunity and the same rules to apply in democrat districts as republican districts. If late cotes can be credited in city districts then why not in rural districts? An election should be considered a sacred duty and inviolable and the 2020 democrat party has made a mockery of this as they have the country and the constitution as a whole. For any hope of faith to be restored and the authority that comes with the integrity that goes with it, drastic election reform must take place now and going forward.


They promised us a kraken! I’m going to hold my breath until I get to see it. When I keel over they’ll all feel really really bad.


Reading this comments section reminds me more of the aftermath of Super Bowl LII than anything else.

I’m sure the vast majority of viewers just wanted a good, clean election and then to get in with the next season.

But what to we get? A bunch of crying fat guys in Patriots jerseys with “Tom Terrific” trampstamps, being gloated over by Eagles fans that just got done eating horsecrap off a sidewalk.

If you aren’t sorely disappointed by the government’s conduct in the FBI/DOJ/Mueller investigation of an elected President, you are an idiot and a rube.

If you are cheering on the President in his effort to overturn the election of another fairly elected President, you are an idiot and a rube.

There are plenty of reasons to pull for either side, but the respective rubes on each side are ruining the game for everybody.

joenotafanMaumee, OH

Obama, crook and scumbag that he is, screwed Trump, with the aid of the media and the entire democrat-marxist party. This go-around, Trump simply screwed himself. He screwed up the first debate. Ignored the second. Would not man-up when China sent us the virus, and showed no talent for leadership. Just the same–the democrat-marxist party scares the hell out of me, and I’d vote for Trump against them any time.

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3 years ago

THIS is quite disturbing.

And then it gets bizarre. PA deletes the Dataset???? WHY???

There is Just Too Much suspicious activity All Over The Place.

3 years ago

After that National Review person berated the working class they warrant absolutely no consideration in anything since.

I will be convinced of widespread election fraud until a very significant explanation can be given for videos showing actual votes dropping during the live broadcast. It is just, way to convenient, that all these states decided to stop their counting around the same time, only to resume with vast numbers of additional votes for only one person.

It is pretty damning when 30% of “Democrats” believe the election Was Stolen.

3 years ago
Reply to  Greg

I agree Greg, I do believe it was stollen. Those women who recorded them shredding the ballots! All those videos of drops @ 2am and 4am. The media is making it all about us being nuts! Look what Tucker did, set Sidney up saying she had no proof and was nasty, to discredit her! To make his loyal viewers think it was true! She offered him proof, something she hadn’t released yet and to set up an interview. There is a great piece on about fox and what they are doing. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings, she has not sung!