Retired FBI Agent Warns of the Deterioration of the FBI


FBI special agent Nicole Parker testified before Congress and has appeared in TV interviews to describe the deterioration of the FBI.

She joined the FBI after 9/11. “According to the Wall Street Journal, around 45,000 people applied to be special agents that fiscal year. About 900 made the cut. I was one of them,” she said during a congressional hearing.

”After five months of arduous training at the Academy in Quantico, I was a sworn-in special agent assigned to the Miami Division. I considered it a sacred responsibility and was honored to be entrusted to protect and serve the American people.

“Over the course of my 12-plus years of service, the FBI’s trajectory transformed. On paper, the bureau’s mission remained the same, but its priorities and governing principles shifted dramatically. The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington and trickling down to the field offices.

“Although I was always treated with the highest level of respect in the Miami Division, I no longer felt that I was the type of agent the FBI valued.


“Lately, there has been one politicization issue after another at the FBI. Consider an example: on June 4, 2020, images and videos surfaced online of special agents in their FBI-marked ballistic vests kneeling to protesters in Washington, D.C., while on official duty protecting our nation’s institutions.

“Although agents have their First Amendment rights, they are not at liberty to publicly express any potential political support while on duty wearing official FBI gear.

“Some claimed they knelt for de-escalation purposes, but images revealed some agents clapping and smiling! They hardly seemed to be in danger. In fact, the agents posted at another building nearby remained standing during the entire protest.

“On top of that, there was no reprimand for any of the agents who knelt that day. In fact, many ended up getting highly sought-after promotions and were offered $100 gift cards by the FBI Agents Association.

“For many agents nationwide, it was upsetting to see the lack of judgment by the kneelers, much less their apparent political statements while on the job. And the fact that they were treated like heroes by some FBI managers was appalling.

“It’s as if there became two FBIs.’Parker said it’s incidents like this that are destroying the agency’s credibility.“The hardworking and highly ethical agents who still do the heavy lifting and pursue noble cases.

“The majority of agents uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution with fairness and integrity.”

There has also been a shift in recruiting practices. They are lowering the eligibility requirements. It’s negatively impacting the agency’s performance.

This is DEI Democrats infused into every area of government.

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