Ric Grennell names our shadow president and notes CCP’s infiltration


Former Acting DNI Ric Grennell was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo yesterday and discussed a number of key issues we face.


For one, Grennell named the shadow president. He said that Susan Rice, who will be in charge of domestic policy, will be the shadow president. Biden has relinquished his role to the far-left and now supports very radical ideas. Rice is the behind-the-scenes and unchecked president with Kamala Harris busy in the Senate as the deciding vote.

Grennell said they’ve already gone too far and haven’t even taken over the White House.

Grennell addressed the release of documents. He hopes to see the Obamagate documents on the politically-motivated, fraudulent Russia hoax. All the documents were classified to hide the truth, not secrets. It’s the power of the intel community.

The transparency problem in the intel agencies is due to their focus on PR and partisanship. The problem “are those in Washington trying to hide the truth.”

When asked about indictments in the origins of the Russia hoax, Grennell doesn’t know but believes there will be indictments.


The former ambassador to Germany also noted the Beijing line coming from the Democrats.

As for China, they are the biggest threat in Grennell’s opinion. He told Bartiromo, Russia’s a problem, China’s a crisis, and those who turn that around are giving the Beijing line. The Bay Area politicians have fallen prey to the CCP, who use the politicians as part of their strategy to defeat us.

Bartiromo began a question with a statement by Angela Merkel criticizing social media platforms attacking free speech. We now have Germany lecturing us on how we are going after free speech.

As he notes, Big Tech, right down the road from the Bay Area, is mirroring the CCP on censorship. And the facial recognition companies are irresponsible in helping China use the technology to harm their own people.



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