Riots in Lancaster after officer kills black man in self-defense [videos]


A Lancaster officer was attacked by a man with a knife, who happened to also be non-white. The man ran out of a house with a knife over his head and chased an officer. The officer discharged his weapon and killed the man.

Black Lives Matter is rioting over this incident. The leftist lunatics (BLM and antifa) don’t care anymore about even putting up a reasonable complaint. They’re frauds and the media covers for them.

This incident occurred after a woman called for help as 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz tried to break into her home, and was aggressive with his mother. When the man ran from the house, the woman was screaming. That is how it began.

The knife-wielding man, we later discovered was Ricardo Munoz, began to chase the officer. The officer tried to run but the knife-wielding man was closing in on him. Munoz was feet away when the officer fired.

Now there’s an internal investigation, the officer defending himself is on leave, and the mob is on the streets.

Next time, call a social worker instead of the police.

Munoz has a history of stabbing people. Officers also arrested him in March of 2019 for allegedly stabbing three adults and a child, the Patriot-News reported.

Cupcakes should not watch the graphic footage and just accept the word of the mob who wants the officer’s head:


As BLM has done so many times before, they are lying about the incident to make the officer look bad. And they are rioting. As usual, Democrats have no problem with this.

NBC News left out all the details about self-defense, including the motive — to save his — the officer’s — life. All CBS cared to write was the officer was placed on leave. They have to know this gives fodder to the rioters.

Lancaster online wrote: Police summarily executed a reportedly autistic man they claim was armed with a knife. They left his dead body “visible on the ground for more than two hours” Protests are amping up in real-time…

They sported a picture of a tent over the body with police blocking the view, giving lie to their nonsense.

If you like what you see, vote for the Democrats.

Lying Potash Gets Away With Constant Fake News

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