Rolling Blackouts Imminent in Highest-Taxed State


One of our wealthiest, largest, and most highly taxed states is proud of its ill-planned rush into renewable energy. California boasts of its aggressive move to solar and wind while the infrastructure isn’t in place.

You can now get an EV car and look at it in the driveway from your window. Gov. Newsom asks that you not charge it. Ironically, on August 24th, Newsom banned the sale of new gasoline engine cars.

California power usage surged this afternoon raising the emergency status of the state’s electrical system to the highest possible level. California is suffering a blistering heat wave. You probably know that there is a lot of desert area in California. Renewable energy doesn’t cut it.

They need air-conditioning.

Unfortunately, rolling blackouts are imminent.

California’s ISO is warning of rolling blackouts to protect the power grid.

“This is going to be so dicey,” Michael Wara, director of Stanford University’s climate and energy policy program, said earlier in the day.

“There’s a gap for two hours in the evening right now between available supply and projected demand.”

This is a self-inflicted wound, and Gov Newsom is completely unaware. Watch him sound ridiculous.

He plans to shut down natural gas, which accounts for 48% of the electricity, while renewals only produce 27%.

But don’t worry. California is in the lead and can tell the rest of you how it’s done.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Californians love their comfort. Their comfort is disappearing. They voted for leftists. They had a great opportunity to recall Newsom. I’ll bet Newsom has gas generators at both his mansions. I am happy I left there long ago. It is now more densely populated and it has expanded well into the desert in the south, where it is arid and very hot.

1 year ago

The State of California is going to mandate that everyone have an Electric Car and is now about to mandate that you can’t charge it. I hope you’re happy with your $60,000 plus driveway decorations.

I hope this winter is very painful for Liberals. Maybe enough pain will bring them to their senses. But then, we are dealing with the mentally ill and insane!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

3rd largest state , but most populous, (though the total is shrinking).
Wonder how much money promoting renewable energy comes from economic competitors like China and Russia?
While California saves the world (he!he!) from global warming, all the supposed reductions of gases in the atmosphere that cause it are resupplied by Russia, China and many 3rd world countries.
How many must be laughing as the USA commits economic suicide and they sell the USA the rope (eg. solar panels) to do it and profit from it.
Computer programs that simply give the numbers they were programmed to give is the basis of the heresy of global warming. (Oops! sorry, my bad ‘climate change’ to be politically correct.) If it is an extra cold winter and people start dying from lack of energy, will they be hailed as martyrs for saving the world? The USA was made up of individuals, in China they are simply tools of the state. China is not changing, but is the USA?