Trafalgar Poll: 56.8% Found Biden’s Speech a “Dangerous Escalation”


A new Trafalgar Group poll found that 56.8% of American voters strongly disapproved of Joe Biden’s unhinged attack on Donald Trump supporters. They say the speech  was “a dangerous escalation in rhetoric, and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans.”

According to Bill O’Reilly on his podcast today, Biden’s advisors told him to not give the speech, but he wanted to do it. It was all Biden.

It was a large sample of 1084, but Trafalgar does tend to favor Republicans at times. They broke down the numbers:

It does point to the great division between Republicans and Democrats. If Democrats are pleased

The entire speech was aimed at dehumanizing Republicans, drilling the words “MAGA Republicans” into peoples’ memories as a negative when the concept of making America great is perfectly good.

Asked about Biden’s rhetoric, 35.5 percent of American voters said the incendiary rhetoric was “acceptable campaign messaging that is to be expected in an election year.” The rest of the respondents—7.7 percent—said they were not sure.

Republican voters (89.1 percent) and Independent voters (62.4 percent) found the speech to be “dangerous” and “designed to incite conflict amongst Americans.”

Only 31.2 percent of Independent and 4.7 percent of Republican voters said they believed Biden’s speech was “acceptable campaign messaging.”

That seems to correlate with some recent polls on Biden’s popularity which is 36% to 38%.

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