Ron Paul Explains the Day “We Lost Our Government”


Ron Paul pointed to the day we “lost our government.”

“I think, the date, I say it was concrete that there was a coup and we lost. Our government was on November 22nd. Yes. Assassination of Kennedy.”

He finds it astonishing and contemptible that the director of the CIA at the time, Alan Dulles, was appointed to the Warren Commission, which was tasked with investigating Kennedy’s assassination.

He believes Dulles arranged for JFK to be killed.

“So the guy who was responsible for the murder was investigating the murder,” remarked Tucker Carlson.

At that time, Kennedy was moving towards a foreign policy of peace, and he was killed for it, Paul believes. For years, Paul believed Oswald killed him, but that changed.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK)

“So you say in this,” Tucker began, “I don’t think it’s a controversial statement anymore – but the CIA, of course, was involved in his murder. Allen Dulles, the director, he was fired a year before after Bay of Pigs. But you make a point I’ve never heard before. You said you believe that his [JFK’s] fate was sealed on June 10th, 1963, when he gave a commencement address at American University. It’s a fairly famous speech, which I plan to watch tonight, actually – about peace. Please tell us what you mean.”

Ron Paul: “It was a peace statement. It was great. Kennedy was controversial. He wasn’t always anti-war as he was leading up to his death. Yes. He had he had some foreign policies that I wouldn’t be endorsing. But he was he was coming this way. And that’s when, he said that, you know, he said flowery things about peace. And, it became known that because he did speak out, and I think it wasn’t that many days, you know, before his assassination. But they were the establishment – the FBI, and the CIA. The planners really swooped things up for further plans. And, he was, you know, killed by people that for a long time, you know, probably several years. I thought it was Oswald, you know.”

Paul didn’t challenge it because he wasn’t there. He began questioning it in medical school.

“It didn’t take long to start questioning this,” Paul said, “…after ten years, they had a group of the best pathologists in the country get together, and one person in that group was Cyril Wecht. Yeah. Cyril Wecht was from the University of Pittsburgh, and I had heard lectures from him because I was an O.B. resident. And as a pathologist, he would give us lectures. So I sort of…”

Tucker: “When you were in medical school?”

Ron Paul: “Yeah. When I was doing my, during my residency, but there were 12 of them. Ten maybe, but there was a group, and they all, and they had this going over, you know, the assassination, and all the experts were there. And everybody says Oswald did it, even this. And this was like 8 or 10 years later, and I accepted that, except they…”

Tucker: “Cyril Wecht!”

Ron Paul: “Cyril Wecht. He [Wecht] said, “It can’t be one shot. But he said that from the very beginning. So, he was finally allowed to examine the paperwork of the autopsies. He was the, I think, the only one. And he went, and guess what? He discovered no records existed.”

Tucker: “…The guy investigating the murder was the guy probably involved in the murder.”

[Cyril Wecht is the man who discovered Kennedy’s brain, and all related data in the killing went missing.]

It has almost always been progressives who believe Allen Dulles arranged for JFK’s assassination. The CIA said he was a great man, as was his brother. Read both sides and decide for yourself. The proof is gone. Someone took JFK’s brain and the data. And there were no deathbed confessions that we know about.

John F. Kennedy’s Peace Speech at American University on June 10, 1963:

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