Stormy Accuses the GOP & Donald Trump of Murder


Porn Star and hooker Stormy Daniels said in a new PeacockTV ‘documentary’ that she took hush money from then-candidate Donald Trump to create a paper trail so “he could not have me killed.”

‘Documentary” is redefined as gossip TV for the sake of this film, ‘Stormy.’

Stormy, née Stephanie Clifford, must love being in the news. She’s responsible for the insane criminal charges brought by Soros DA Alvin Bragg.

But on Monday, Peacock dropped the new documentary Stormy, a feature-length film that includes new interviews and footage telling the newly embellished story of Daniels’s journey into history.

Stormy alleges her friend warned her, “I don’t want to scare you, but based on the things you’ve told me. Now. You’re the whole Republican Party’s problem. And they like to make their problems go away.”

Peacock then played the Billy Bush tape because it never gets old for leftists.

Stormy said in the ‘documentary,’ “I was very relieved when Gina started reaching out and offering me the chance to keep it quiet. I was fucking terrified!”

“I mean, people have been suspiciously killed for political reasons.”

Why would she say that?  Hillary wasn’t involved!

She concluded that she took the money to establish a money trail.

When the Southern District of New York looked into her case, they concluded Stormy and Michael Cohen were not believable. No one believes either of them. She lost her lawsuit against Trump because she can’t stop lying, and Michael Cohen is a convicted liar.

Peacock does this because they’re communists.

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